Science in the Garden — and FREE peas to get you started!

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Spring is almost here – and it’s a great time to plant a garden. Gardens help kids learn all kinds of science including botany, entomology, environmental science, conservation, recycling, and much more! Here are a few kids’ gardening sites to get you started…

Recommended Websites:

Kids’ Gardening

The granddaddy of the kids’ gardening sites – this one has an entire book for parents to read online about how to get kids interested in gardening as well as garden design, themes, plants, maintenance, safety, projects and more. Not only that, at this site you will find tons of info on school gardens (some of which can be tweaked for homeschools) and curriculum tie-ins to math, science and literature. You will also find some freebies here too – along with an online store to purchase gardening tools and supplies.

Gardening With Kids

This is a simple website that contains all of the basics from preparing the soil and planting, to watering, weeding, and harvesting.

Garden Fun – Kids

This site emphasizes fun with gardening. It offers info on how to develop a child’s first garden, recommendations for easy seeds that spout fast (kids don’t often like to wait), and garden project ideas – like growing a cucumber in a Coke bottle! There are both indoor and outdoor gardening projects and fun activities with plants for kids at this site.


The National Garden Bureau has designated 2004 as the year of the pea, and they want to help kids learn about these legumes. At this site, you can request a free kit featuring pea seeds, recipes, and related curriculum ideas to be delivered in late March and early April 2004. Sign up while supplies last!


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