Lewis & Clark and American Indians, Pioneers, and Frontier

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Recommended Website:
Corps of Re-Discovery

Today’s website was brought to my attention by homeschool mom and entrepreneur, Katie Newton, who wrote, “Our family business, Corps of Re-Discovery, directly appeals to homeschoolers. We encourage homeschoolers to study American History and to re-discover America for themselves.”

This family’s website offers all kinds of books and craft products focusing on four distinct historical topics: Lewis & Clark, American Indians, Frontiersmen, and Pioneers. In addition to the products available for purchase, the site offers FREE resources that may help you in your study of these segments of American history.

When you get to the site, you will see an introduction. If you scroll below it, you will see pictures labeled “Lewis & Clark,” “American Frontiersmen,” “American Indian,” and “American Pioneer.” Click on any one of the images and a new page opens containing a brief introduction of the topic and then a list of website links that will assist you in studying these subjects. (You can also get to these pages by using the menu on the left side of the screen.)

Each web link has a description next to it that explains what you will find there when you click on it. This is sort of like an Internet unit study — and the research for great educational websites has already been done for you, saving lots of time and effort. Many of the websites featured here are museum quality with extraordinary pictures, photos, text, and ideas for activities and further study. This family has done their homework and it shows. Your family’s education will benefit from their fact-finding investigations.

Bookmark this site, as you will want to refer to it often to explore the links on each topic of American history.


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