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Recommended Website:
Invention at Play

Today’s website was recommended by list member, Michael Grice, editor of the Home Educator’s Association of Virginia‘s weekly e-mail newsletter.

The “Invention at Play” website is a companion to a highly interactive traveling museum exhibit (sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution, and currently at the Buffalo Museum of Science (Buffalo, New York) through August 31, 2004) that focuses on the importance of play and the similarities of it to the creative processes used by inventors. As noted on the website, “It departs from traditional representations of inventors as extraordinary geniuses who are “not like us” to celebrate the creative skills and processes that are familiar and accessible to all people.”

When you get to the website you will see a selection of features. Look in the top right hand corner of the screen to see a menu of three key areas to explore that can be used to develop your creative and inventive side:

  • Inventor’s Stories — Read the biographies of inventors and learn how playful tinkering led to some amazing discoveries.
  • Invention Playhouse — Lots of great educational interactive games and activities for the whole family that require and/or reinforce creative thinking, problem solving skills, and collaborative effort.
  • Does Play Matter — A terrific exploration of the importance of play in learning including a directory of some of the most favorite toys of inventors and why they enjoyed them.

Additional resources include a 36-page Educator’s Manual and an 8-page family guide with activities in pdf files that you can download and print out to use at home.

This is a terrific website the whole family will enjoy!

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