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Recommended Website:

This website is devoted to accurate historical and cultural portrayal of the people known as Vikings. Were they really blood-thirsty pillaging pirates? Their reputation certainly proceeds them. At this website you will discover through text and wonderful re-enactment photographs who the Vikings really were. Learn about their sea-faring ways, the construction of their ships, how they traded, why they raided, and what they were like at home.

After reviewing this introduction, be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the webpage because at the end you will see a button that says “click here to return to the village”. Definitely click on the button — it will take you to a page that is a map of a Viking village. Scroll further down this page and you will see a list of occupations that you might find in a Viking village. Click on the “Bone and Antler Worker” or the “Glassworker” or “Leatherworker” (to name a few) and you get to visit their home or shop to see how Vikings worked and lived circa 1000 A.D. The text at this site is geared toward students in grades 6 and up. The photographs and information will appeal to students of all ages.


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