Mars Rocks!

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Mars Exploration Rover Mission: For Students

If you are an Earthling, you undoubtedly know that this month we have landed robotic explorers on Mars! NASA provides great information and the latest images of Mars at this website designed for students.

When you get to the site you will see a menu bar at the top. Click on “Overview” to get a synopsis of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission — it explains the long-term effort of robotic exploration of the red planet. Click on “Science” to learn about the four science goals of the project. You can also select menu items that explain the technology and information about the mission team and vehicles. Don’t miss the “Multimedia” section containing photographs and videos of the view from the Mars Exploration Rover cameras. This gallery will expand as the mission continues.

You will also see featured items that include reports of research and discovery conducted by Mars Exploration Rover Mission in conjunction with students and teachers who are analyzing data to study and characterize Mars’ atmosphere and surface.

  • Send Us Your Rocks! — This feature at the site is a request for students around the world to send rocks to a NASA scientist for analysis! It will help them to better understand Mars’ surface. Click on the link for detailed information on how to submit your rock. Then, watch for a picture of it to be posted on the web, along with a report on what kind of rock it is — and get an official certificate and Mars sticker for your contribution!
  • Mars for Kids — click on this menu item at the site to find information about Mars for the younger set — including interactive games that even older kids and students will enjoy.

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