Fun Interactive Quizzes on Human Anatomy

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Recommended Website:

BBC: Science — The Body

This website was recommended by a list member who enjoyed the interactive
challenge games designed to test one’s knowledge about the human body — and
thought our ClickSchooling members would enjoy them too. I couldn’t agree

When you get to the website you will see five menu categories about the
human body. Click on “Interactives” in each category to access the
quiz-games right away. Or, click on “Facts and Features” in each category to
learn about the anatomy and physiology of that specific body system before
you take the quiz (to ace it) or after (to learn more about those questions
you may have answered incorrectly). Choose from:

  • Organs — learn about the organs of the body including the brain, heart,
    kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen, intestines and more.

  • Skeleton
    — discover the bones of the body as well as joints, teeth, and more.

  • Puberty
    — an excellent instructional demonstration of both male and female

  • Muscles
    — learn about the various muscle forms and functions.

  • Nervous System
    — examine the brain, nerve cells, reflexes, and the senses.

The information at this site is geared for middle school ages and up — but
younger children will enjoy some aspects of it as well with parental

For more Science ideas visit
Homefires Curriculum Library.


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