Play the Math Fruit Game!

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Recommended Website:
Fruit Game

It’s time for math fun! At this site you can play the Fruit Game, an old game also known as “Nim.” It is based on certain mathematic techniques that you can read all about when you get to the website. Understanding the math behind the game, may help you to win.

When you get to the site, read the introduction which explains both old and new versions of the Fruit Game, an account of recent improvements, and the rules to the game. (Note: If you click on the linked words “Technical Analysis” the mathematics of the game is explained in detail.)

Once you know how to play, click on “Play A Game” on the menu bar. A new page opens and the game begins!

Winning this game can be difficult, and that can be extremely frustrating for players of any age who do not like competitive games. An effective strategy to reduce the frustration factor, is to warn your students in advance that the game is challenging — even for mathematicians! Reading the strategy hints at the site can improve your odds. Good luck!


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