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Recommended Website:

List member, Lori, recommended this site that features a colorful, multi-media cave expedition diary designed with kids in mind. Lori said,

“Just wanted to suggest a site for Clickschooling. It’s part of the OMNIMAX film “Journey Into Amazing Caves” at Science North in Sudbury Ontario. is the website of a grade 2 teacher named Nancy Aulenbach who is an extreme caver and scientist. She has set up a site to keep her students informed — really cool!”

Not only is Nancy a remarkable explorer, but her best friend, Dr. Hazel Barton, has a PhD in microbiology and goes spelunking with Nancy in search of microscopic specimens that live in extreme places — such as caves. Hazel’s discoveries are documented at the site as well.

When you get to the site you will see a menu on the left. Click on Greenland, Yucatan, or Grand Canyon. A new page opens with a short text introduction. Then, click on the menu items to see unusual “extremophiles” (Hazel’s specimens), and pictures (as well as movies) of the caves the women explored and other natural wonders they witnessed during their adventures.

This site offers a fun, interesting introduction to caving and the science behind it. Be sure to read the FAQs that provide great advice on how to get started caving. Then, click on the “Links” button on the menu for even more remarkable sites about caving. You will also want to click on the link to “Journey Into Amazing Caves” — the website of the IMAX film featuring Nancy and Hazel and the chronicles of their expeditions.

This site has much to offer and you can use it as a simple introduction to caving for very young children, or explore the links to get an in-depth immersion into the scientific world of caves.

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