Virtual Trip to Meet Blackbeard The Pirate!

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The release of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, may spark interest in pirates in your household. Today’s site takes you on a virtual trip to meet one of the most feared and successful pirates of the Caribbean from 1715 to 1717 — Blackbeard!

Marine archaeologists discovered the wreck of Queen Anne’s Revenge — Blackbeard’s pirate ship. Through excavation and discoveries made there, and with the help of historians, they have created a virtual opportunity for you to join Blackbeard on a 6-day journey of plunder along the coast of North Carolina to find out what a pirate’s life was really like.

When you get to the site you will be welcomed by Blackbeard — just click on the “Continue Your Voyage” button. A new page opens that provides you with the opportunity to see a video of the wreck site, and a map of the Carolina Coast. Click on the Day 1-6 menu to tour each point of interest on the map.

Each day opens to a new page that uses video and audio tapes, along with text and illustrations to retell the history and folklore of Blackbeard, and the science involved in marine archaeology. You will learn who Blackbeard was, the origin of the Jolly Roger pirate flag, myths about pirates, the connection between pirates and parrots, the truth about treasure, how the government thwarted pirates, and Blackbeard’s demise. You will also learn how the wreck of Queen Anne’s Revenge was located, what artifacts and treasures have been recovered, and what conclusions can be drawn about the life and times of pirates.

This is a fascinating virtual adventure that your family is sure to enjoy.

Note: The retelling of tales of Blackbeard include some brutal images — like the story that he was beheaded. Parents, as always, should preview sites to determine suitability of content.


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