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Recommended Website:
Mona Lisa Mania

2003 marks the 500th anniversary of the painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. This website celebrates the event by blending pop culture with information on this celebrated painting. The format is slightly tongue-in-cheek, perhaps occasionally irreverent, but it presents the history, art form, technique, and theories about the painting in a fun and interesting way. Students middle school age and up will get a kick out of this while learning art history. Younger students can go directly to the “Mona Kids” section to read Mona’s story and color their own picture of Mona.

When you get to the site you will see a picture of Mona Lisa and a menu of choices that include:

  • Welcome — Click here for a brief introduction.
  • All About Mona — This section starts off with a sort of People Magazine “Who’s Who” starring Mona Lisa and Leo Da Vinci. Once you’ve read the celebrity profile you get submerged in painting details through FAQ, incredible trivia facts, definitions of art terms used to describe the painting, an examination of the style of dress and landscape depicted in the painting and comparisons to other great works of art at the time, information on the 1911 heist of the Mona Lisa, a list of music about Mona Lisa, and a profile of Da Vinci along with a timeline of his life and achievements.
  • Theories — Read scholarly theories and not-so-good guesses about Da Vinci and his intentions in painting the Mona Lisa. Then, submit your theory. You will also find an extensive bibliography.
  • Poetry Project — Submit a poetry about Mona Lisa and check in at the website from time to time to find out when it will be published.
  • Friends of Mona — Discover links to more sites about Mona Lisa, read letters from fans, and submit your own thoughts about her.
  • Mona Kids — Print an outline of Mona Lisa and color it yourself. Then read Mona’s story — a sort of simpler, condensed version of the information at the rest of the website. Kids can submit their theories about why Mona smiles.
  • Mona Art — Check out the many reproductions and reinventions of the Mona Lisa created by artists and advertisers over hundreds of years — including the Miss Piggy version.

You can also shop for Mona-themed art and gifts at this site. Have fun!


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