The Magic of Math

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Recommended Website:
The Magic of Math

This website was created by the Akamai Foundation to promote enjoyment in the pursuit of mathematics for students in grades K-12. The Akamai Foundation is a sponsor of the prestigious U.S. Math Olympiad and International Math Olympiad. This website has an odd design, in that the most helpful parts are not featured in the center of the landing page — they must be clicked on in the menu bar. When you get there just click on the “world” icon in the menu at the top of the page.

A new page opens to the best part about the site called, “The World of Math.” It lists links to other terrific math websites which are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Beginning (ages 5-9) — click on math sites for articles, games, printable worksheets and flash cards, and activities that teach basic math strands from counting to division and square roots.
  • Intermediate (ages 8-15) — click on websites for lots of online, interactive math games and puzzles from easy to “monster,” learn metric conversion, graphing, find out about fractals, and more.
  • Advanced (ages 14-18) — click on math websites to learn about math and its relationship to politics, the environment, money, and the real world. Learn about Fermat’s Last Theorem, the Sierpinski triangle, how to build a rainbow, and even discover math in the movies!

After exploring these sites, click on the “book” icon on the menu bar to find book recommendations for every level or grade of math student.

Don’t forget to click on the “brain” icon for some fun, interactive math puzzles that are available at this website.

Finally, click on the “trophy” icon to find out how to compete in the Math Olympiads.


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