A Food Timeline – Social Studies Through Cuisine

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Recommended Website:
The Food Timeline

Want to know the history of food and what people ate during any given era in time? This website will fill you in on what the Roman’s ate, what was served at the Globe Theater during a Shakespeare production, what was common in Paul Revere’s kitchen, what the cowboys ate, and much, much more. Not only will you find comprehensive text and links to more information, but you will find recipes so you and the kids can mix up a batch of Viking flatbread, Christopher Columbus’ salt cod fritters, California Mission mush drink, and Victorian plum pudding.

The site also maintains a Culinary History Timeline that includes information on the customs, social history, manners and menus of the Incas, Mongolians, pioneers, Civil War soldiers, crews on whaling ships, royalty, and rice farmers.

There is an amazing amount of history and cultural information in these pages. If you are currently studying a particular era in history or a particular society or culture, do yourself a favor and visit this site for some gastronomic inspiration to supplement your studies.


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