Daily Spelling Bee — and more!

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Recommended Website:
Daily Spelling Bee

At this site you will find a new, mini Spelling Bee each day. Every day, three new words are posted to test your spelling skills. You are given a definition of the word and a phonetic spelling clue. Be careful – the phonetic spellings may mislead you to spell the word incorrectly. Once you type in your answers, press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to reveal the correct spellings. You may want to bookmark this and return daily.

When you are through spelling, notice the menu of quizzes on the bottom of your screen. You can take daily IQ tests, vocabulary quizzes, geography quizzes and more! This site also has word play pages – you can find crossword puzzles, word searches, word jumbles, hangman, etc.

Caution: Some of the daily quizzes have categories like “romantic” and “love cryptogram.” Parents, as always, please preview these quizzes to determine suitability for your children.


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