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Recommended Website:
Discover Chimpanzees

Today’s site is recommended by a new ClickSchooling member, Denise E. She said,

“I wanted to share a website I found about Chimpanzees. It is amazing! There are many videos of chimpanzees and a tour of Gombe National Park in Tanzania, but my favorite part is an activity called “Become a Chimpanzee.” You can choose your own adventure as a young or adult, male or female chimp and there are video clips to watch as you read the dialogue. Then you are given an option such as, do you want to eat now, or make a nest? etc. At this site you can watch video clips of different chimp behavior. There are also online games, info about the researchers, worksheets to download. If you haven’t featured this site already I hope you will in the near future! It is amazing!!!”

This site is everything Denise claims and more! When you get to the site you are given 3 choices on a menu in the center of your screen:

  • Meet the Chimp — read the biographies, look at photographs, and view video clips of 15 Chimpanzee residents in the Gombe National Park.
  • Meet the Researchers — read the biographies, look at photos, see video clips of the research experiments being conducted by these scientists.
  • Try Touring Gombe — a tour of the National Park in Tanzania through panoramic view photography.

Each of these central menu selections will lead to more and more depth of material at the site. A better navigation device for this site is to put your cursor over the words “Discover Chimpanzees Menu” on the top left corner of the screen. There’s a pop-up menu that includes the three menu items above plus links to other chimp sites and information and this…

  • Activities — all kinds of games to help you recognize Chimp sounds and behavior, and includes downloadable lessons about Chimpanzees — with everything from “Make A Life-Size Chimpanzee” to “How to Talk Like a Chimpanzee.”

Note: In Denise’s description above she mentioned an activity called “Become a Chimpanzee.” Here is a direct link: Become a Chimpanzee.

This site really is fun and fascinating and — as Denise said — amazing! Allow plenty of time to explore it with your kids.


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