Daily Art History

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Recommended Website:
Artcyclopedia: Art-4-2-Day

Want to be inspired by artwork each and every day of the year? This website features a this-day-in-art calendar. That’s right, each and every day of the year you can log on to this website and read about artists who were born or died on today’s date. When you get to the site you will see the featured artist along with a picture of their work. There is a biography to read with links to photographs of their work. You will find the names of other artists who were born or died on this day as well.

All of the dates of the year are archived here too – so you can look up your birthday or anniversary or any other date to see what happened in art history! Just click on today’s date in the column to your left, under “Resources,” to reach today’s entry, then click “In Art” near the top of the page to find the clickable calendar.

This is an amazing resource that you will want to bookmark and visit again and again.


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