The Science of Infection, Detection, Protection

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Recommended Website:
AMNH: Infection, Detection, Protection

This site, sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History, provides information on microbes, bacteria, viruses, infection, and explains the difference between good, neutral, and harmful microbes. It also offers advice on how kids can protect themselves from infection. This is all done through a series of online, interactive, colorful flash games and activities from “Meet the Microbes” to “How Lou Got the Flu.”

In most cases, kids are given an assignment, and then they search for information and clues that provide scientific explanations, while trying to complete the task. These activties are geared for kids in about 4th grade and up — but younger children will enjoy some of the games — with a little help from mom or dad in reading and understanding some of the text.

Don’t miss “The Amazing Microbe Hunters” that introduces students to some of the pioneers in microbe science!

You do have to wait a minute or so for some of the games to load — but your patience will pay off.


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