Learning to Tell Time — and so much more!

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Recommended Website:
Kids OLR: Identifying Time

Today’s recommended website is part of the huge Kids Online Resources network. (We featured a fraction site of theirs recently.) At today’s site, kids can practice telling time (comparing analog or radial time to digital) through animated activities. When you get to the site just follow the simple directions and click through the lesson and practice questions.

When you are through with the lesson – click on the red words “Click to visit, Basic Skills” for more fun activities for young students including counting, and identifying shapes, colors, and sizes.

Remember that even though the activities here are designed for young children in pre-k and early elementary grades – older kids like to play around with silly skill games that they can do perfectly too. It’s fun!

If you really want to see the extensive curricula offerings at this site – click on the “Kids OLR” logo at the bottom of the screen. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store!


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