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Recommended Website:
Science I.Q.

This website promises to increase your science I.Q. with one fact a day. The “fact” is available in a short, interesting article written by a scientist-expert in fields such as physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geology, engineering, medicine and more. You can access the fact by visiting the site every day — so bookmark it now to return often!

Homeschool mom, Pauline, recommended this website. What she wrote about the site, says it all in a nutshell:

“We use, and love, a website where they provide a science fact daily, though not an experiment. There are facts about all the different areas of science. For example, on one day, you might see a picture and read a few paragraphs about smallpox, what it is and how it was discovered, and then how the vaccine was developed. On another day you might find details about what composite materials are, and how they are developed and used. Recently there was a fact that the sun pulsates — I didn’t read it but my son did and apparently the pulsation occurs 6 times each century!

This website is great because it puts the science in front of our noses, instead of having to think of it! Sometimes we will spend the day studying something that captures our collective imagination — another time, when we are busy, we will hardly even read it! (They also have archives, so you can go back to double check or to search for stuff whenever you like). Hope you find it helpful.”


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