Virtual Tour of Dentist’s Office

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With the emphasis on candy this week, I thought it might be time for a visit to the Dentist’s office. At this site you can take your kids on a virtual tour of a pediatric dentist’s office. This dentist calls himself “The Tooth Fairy” and tries to make children less anxious about seeing a dentist.

When you get to the site, just click where indicated to begin the photo-tour that includes pictures of the waiting room, the receptionist, the dentist working with patients, the hygienist cleaning teeth, and lots of pictures of the friendly staff.

When you are through with the tour click on the “Home” button. There, you can read the dentist’s philosophy on kids and dental care. There is a menu on the left of the screen that has information on how to prepare kids for their first visit to the dentist and some practical information on how to handle dental emergencies and dental first aid.

While this site is informative, you might want to check with your own dentist to see if he or she has a website with a virtual tour. Your kids may enjoy seeing the famliar faces of their own dentist and staff.

If this piques your children’s interest in tooth care, try Save Your Smile’s Parents Page for information on things like; candy’s effect on teeth, how to get your child to brush, thumbsucking and pacifiers, and the use of dental sealants.


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