Candy Science

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Continuing with the candy theme that is prevalent this week due to Harvest Festivals and Halloween, we found that the Exploratorium Museum indulges in the exploration of science through candy…

Recommended Websites:

Exploratorium: Science of Cooking/What is Sugar?

This site offers a look at the molecular structure of sugar, and information on sugar crystalization and how to avoid it when making candy.

Exploratorium: Science of Candy Links

You won’t believe the breadth and depth of information on candy science at this site and much more! Menu items include:

  • Candy Science — fascinating links to articles on the scientific aspects of candy such as it’s relationship to glass making! There are even some easy candy recipes.
  • Candy & Sugar Art — click on the links to see the amazing sculptures created from sugar.
  • Candy Making Supplies — links to sites where you can buy everything from old-fashioned lollipop molds to unusual flavorings for candy making.
  • Candy History — check out the Candy Timeline or read about the history of Salt Water Taffy and Pez candies.
  • Miscellaneous — don’t miss the “Name That Candy Bar” link that provides an interactive quiz where you try to guess the candy bar name by looking at a photograph of a cross section of the candy bar — you candy afficionados will have lots of fun!

This is a great way to introduce science through seasonal sweet treats!


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