Candy Math

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Harvest Festivals and Halloween are often synonomous with candy. If you’ve got extra candy around the house, try these activities using candy as math manipulatives. Don’t miss the last one — it’s quite a brain teaser.

Recommended Websites:

Education World: 35 Chocolate Activities

This site offers many suggestions for using M&M’s for math, art, language arts, social sciences and more.

Mighty Mouth-Watering Math

Even though ClickSchooling has featured this site before (previously known as Mighty M&M Math), it is a classic math site using small candies and cannot be ignored. You might also like to visit a variation for first graders.

4th Grade Life Saver Spreadsheet Project

This site offers an interesting way to combine sucking Life Savers candy with graphing on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Designed for cooperative classroom use, the lesson could be used by different homeschoolers working together through a once-a-week parkday — or the lesson could be changed slightly to use independently.

Candy Bar Math

This is an odd entry, that uses candy bars and math in a puzzling multiple choice brain teaser. You need to be a candy bar connoisseur to get a perfect score. Note: If you get all the answers wrong you will see a four-letter word. Parents might wish to preview before showing it to their children.


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