Portraits of Early Americans

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Early America: Portraits

September 27 marks the birthday of Samuel Adams, a founding father of the United States of America, who helped organize the Boston Tea Party and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Today’s website contains portraits of people who were prominent in early American history — including Samuel Adams. The pictures at the site are of engravings made from original paintings — so you get to see what these people really looked like. In addition to Sam Adams, you will see John Adams, Benedict Arnold, Ben Franklin, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, George Washington and more. There is a mini-bio next to each portrait.

These pictures alone will enhance a study of early American history — but there is so much more at this website. When you are through looking at the portrait gallery, click on “The World of Early America” on the top menu bar, and explore history through primary source documents from the media of the day — newspapers, maps, magazines, and writings.

Read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, Common Sense, and other milestone documents. See the first political cartoons and the first copper penny. Read newspapers from the past. Meet famous men and women who helped forge our country. There is a wealth of material in these archives, a treasure trove for those with an interest in early American history.


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