Human Anatomy

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Recommended Website:
Human Anatomy Online

This site was recommended by list member Christie in Ontario who wrote:

“My 7 year old broke his humerus [the large bone in the upper arm] the other day and so we were looking for an interactive site on the human body. This one is quite good. It covers all the systems with a very easy point & click format and lots of cross referencing. There was even a section on the different types of broken bones! There is quite a bit of information but it wasn’t too complicated. I had to guide my kids through it but I think that students from about Grade 7 or so could navigate and read the site pretty independently. There are lots of great illustrations and some sections have animation.”

When you get to the site you will see an icon that says “Human Anatomy Online.” Click on the icon and a new page opens with instructions for using the site (in a sidebar to the right of your screen), and a menu of 10 systems of the human body that you can explore. Just place your cursor over each of the 10 items to see a text bubble that identifies the system. Then click on any one of the 10 that include:

  • The Skeletal System — learn all about the bones of your body
  • The Digestive System — find out about how the stomach and intestines digest food
  • The Muscle System — discover the muscles in your body and find out what they do
  • The Lymphatic System — learn how your body protects you
  • The Cardiovascular System — learn how veins and arteries work to bring nutrients and oxygen to your body

You can also investigate the Endocrine System, Male and Female Reproductive Systems, Nervous System, and Urinary System.

As Christie mentioned, the detail at this site is remarkable — and the text, illustrations, and animation make it easy to understand. This is a great learning tool that you may want to bookmark and return to whenever you need information about the structure and workings of the human body.


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