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Recommended Website:
Auroras: Paintings in the Sky

List member, Jacqueline, recommended this fascinating site (sponsored by the
Exploratorium) that explains those beautiful phenomena known as the Northern
Lights. Since NASA just recently announced the official opening of “Aurora
Season” with the beginning of Autumn, I thought many of you would enjoy
exploring this site with your children.

When you get to the site click on the button that says, “Self-Guided Tour.”
A new page opens with a menu from which you can choose to view pictures of
auroras, learn what makes them happen, discover where you can see them, and
find out why they are different colors, and what makes them happen. You can
also just click on the “Start” button and begin a progressive tour of the
site that will take you through each segment, including the opportunity to
listen to a NASA expert describe auroras.

When you are through taking the tour, you might want to read more about auroras. The NASA Science Newsletter for September 23, 2002, features information on auroras. Here is a blurb about the article and a link where
you can read it:

Northern autumn began today at 55 minutes past midnight EDT (Sept. 23rd at 0455 UT), which means “aurora season” is officially underway. Scientists
aren’t certain of all the reasons why, but there are more geomagnetic storms during autumn than other times of year. Already this month three such storms have triggered auroras visible as far south as the Carolinas in the United States. Some were so bright they cast shadows! It’s an auspicious beginning to one of the loveliest times of year.

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