The Hindenburg Disaster

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May 6 is the anniversary of The Hindenburg Disaster — the large hydrogen-filled airship that suddenly exploded over New York in 1937 killing 34 passengers and crew members and effectively ending travel by zeppelin. We found three websites that provide a balanced look at this historical event…

Recommended Websites:


This website uses a multi-media approach to exploring the background and design of zeppelins and the Hindenburg, as well as information about its final flight, the moving eye-witness radio broadcast account of the disaster, the theories for why it exploded, information about the passengers and crew, and the result of the tragedy. When you get to the site simply click on any one of the menu choices offered.

PBS Secrets of the Dead: The Hindenburg

This website is sort of a synopsis of a PBS video on The Hindenburg (that you can purchase at the site — or you may be able to rent at your local library). It provides the very best scientific account of the current theory on what caused the disaster.

When you get to the site wait for the page to load and then run your cursor over the screen. Click on the words “The Hindenburg.” A new page opens with a menu. The best parts are the “Interactive Diagram” that shows and explains the construction of each part of the airship, and “The Chemistry of Disaster” that explains the chemical components of the materials aboard the airship as well as those that exist in nature — that when combined, resulted in disaster.

You will also see a small icon that says, “Expert Interview.” Click on that to read a short interview with the former NASA scientist Addison Bain whose theory about what happened to The Hindenburg is promoted at this site.

Vidicom TV

Finally, at this website you can see Quicktime and RealVideo movie footage of The Hindenburg Disaster.


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