Repeat The Beat Jazz Game

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Repeat The Beat

Gather the kids around the computer for a little interactive music fun. This site is an adjunct to the PBS special on Jazz music in America. When you get to the site you will see animated animal musicians that play bass, guitar, piano, saxophone and drums. When you are ready to begin the game click on “play.” Listen to what the animal plays and wait for the button to say “repeat.” Then it’s your turn to click on the animal that will repeat the sound you just heard. Then you listen to two animals play, and you repeat the sounds. The game continues in this manner until you miss or complete the pattern. This is a great game for hearing snippets of jazz instruments, challenging memory skills, and practicing pattern recognition. Definitely read the parent tips listed below the game before you start.

When you are through with Repeat the Beat, check out the tiny menu at the bottom of the screen to learn about the history of Jazz music, explore a timeline of the history of Jazz, create your own Jazz music, and find Lesson Plans on teaching the history of Jazz.


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