Daredevil Explorers!

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Recommended Website:
Virtual Exploration Society

At this website you can read the riveting true stories of explorers who risked their lives or lost their lives in the pursuit of knowledge and adventure. Find out what it was like for Colonel Percy Fawcett to explore the Amazon River, or follow an expedition that led to the live capture of two Komodo Dragons, or chart the last flight of Amelia Earhart.

There are nine incredible adventures described at this site. Just click on the one you are most interested in on the main menu and a new page appears with the story and photos or illustrations. While the stories will fascinate young listeners — the site is geared for grades 7 and up — mainly because some of the content contains true but graphic details of surviving in harsh conditions, and in the case of the Komodo Dragon expedition there is matter-of-fact text about how the explorers killed 10 of the dragons for scientific research. (Non-readers will need help with the text.)

These exploits of historical and scientific importance, are fascinating and may inspire arm-chair adventurers to want to read the biographies of these men and women.


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