Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

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Recommended Website:
Mysteries of Egypt

Today’s website was recommended by list member Mary Lough — and it is remarkable! When you get to the site you will see the main menu that includes:

  • Egyptian Civilization — contains an overview of the civilization and then offers a menu of information on specific aspects such as geography, architecture, government, religion, daily life, writing, sciences, timeline and glossary. Click on any of the topics and find even more links to pages of information illustrated with drawings and pictures and suggested activities.
  • Tutankhamun — learn all about the famous boy-king (whose tomb was discovered in 1922) including his life and times, the cause of his death, his funeral, his tomb, the treasures in his tomb, and the “Mummy’s Curse.”
  • Hapshepsut — was a woman pharaoh who ruled for 15 years from 1473 to 1458 B.C. Learn all about her life and times and you can even act out a play that reveals some of the mysteries of Egypt — the scripts are available at the site!
  • VR Gallery — Take a virtual tour of the tomb of Tutankhamun (you may have to download free Cosmoplayer 2.0 to take the tour). You can also see virtual movies of some Egyptian artifacts!
  • Egyptian Exhibits — take a virtual tour through the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s exhibit called “Mysteries of Egypt.”

This site is very user-friendly. It is beautifully designed with extraordinary photos, illustrations, text, and interesting activities. Allow plenty of time to investigate this site with your kids.


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