Science, Pets, and Abraham Lincoln

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Today, February 12th, is President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. I tried to find a site that would not only commemorate Lincoln’s birthday, but that would include some scientific information as well. What I discovered was the “Abraham Lincoln Research Site”…and of course, my brain connected “research” with “science.” Eureka!

The problem is that the site doesn’t contain much “scientific” information. What it does demonstrate is the value of the website creator’s research into the life of Lincoln. This site is just so beautifully developed, with such thorough and engaging commentary, photographs, primary sources, and wonderful anecdotes about Lincoln that I just had to feature it on Science Day, which just also happens to be Lincoln’s Birthday.

This site does contain some of the most fascinating stories about Lincoln, including the lives of his pets! Hey, I thought to myself, pets are animals, the study of animals is zoology, zoology is a science — Bingo! So, I’ve highlighted the information about Lincoln’s pets with this link, but don’t let that stop you from exploring this site in depth.  

Recommended Website:
The Abraham Lincoln Research Site

Gather the kids around the computer, and be prepared to laugh and cry as you discover Lincoln’s affinity for animals. This link will take you to a page at this incredible website where you will learn that two of Lincoln’s sons, Tad and Willie, kept goats as pets at the White House! 

When you are through reading about the goats’ hilarious antics, click on the link at the bottom of the page that says, “Fido the Dog.” See photos of Lincoln’s beloved mutt, and read about the remarkable request he made of his neighbors who agreed to care for the dog when the Lincolns moved to the White House. 

Then, click on the link at the bottom of the page that says, “Lincoln and the 3 Kittens.” Get out your hankies and read this touching account of Lincoln’s encounter with three orphaned kittens on the eve of the final military advance of the Civil War. 

Then, dry your eyes and click on the link at the bottom of the page that says, “Jack, the White House Turkey” and read all about how a Turkey, intended for dinner, became a presidential pet. 

When you are through reading about the animals that were a part of Lincoln’s life, go directly to the home page of this site, where you can explore in depth the life of Abraham Lincoln.


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