Apple Crisp Fractions

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Recommended Website:
Orchard Project — Apple Crisp Fractions

This website was recommended on the Homeschool Association of California’s E-List — and so many list members raved about it, that I thought I’d investigate it for ClickSchooling. When you get to the site, you will see a math activity for teaching fractions by baking Apple Crisp. But that’s just the beginning…

When you are finished baking and eating your fraction lesson, click on the picture of the lady bug at the top of the menu. A new page appears that lists all of the math and science activities at this website. All of them revolve around the apple. Since apples are in abundance (and at reduced prices!) at this time of year, this is a great way to explore these subjects.

Scroll down the menu and you will come to the Mathematics section. You will find apple-related activities for learning estimation, rounding, graphs, decimals, and fractions. You will also notice that the Science section includes apple-activities for Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences as well. There is even an Art section where you can learn to make apple stamps and apple dolls!

When you are through exploring the curriculum, click on the “Home” link at the top of the menu. It will take you to the homepage for this site, The Tonasket 5th Grade Orchard Project. Tonasket is in the state of Washington — the apple state! This curriculum was designed to tie in to the agricultural work of the Tonasket community. Here, you can read about the history of the apple, learn what is currently taking place in apple orchards in Washington state, and you can even order apple gift boxes that are packed and shipped by the 5th grade students!

[2007 Update: This website is no longer “live” but all of the educational information is still available.]


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