Virtual Eco-Adventure Tour

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Eco-Adventure Tour

This is really fun for kids in grades 1-8 — so gather them ’round the computer and learn all about the wild animals that live in Ontario, Canada!

When you get to the site, allow enough time for everything to load — at least 2-3 minutes. Then, click on Eco-Ed (the cartoon character with the red hair and beard) to enter the site. Again, allow a short amount of loading time — once the site is fully loaded, it will flow smoothly without pauses.

A screen will pop up asking for your name — this is so that a certificate of completion can be created for you at the end of the tour. (Use an alias if desired.) Then choose your grade range, K-8. The tour will be designed for your grade range. Click on “Let’s Go” to start the animated tour complete with audio of chirping crickets and screeching hawks.

You’ll be introduced to Eco-Ed who will advise you to click on the “Training” button if it’s your first visit. It explains how the site works and will make the rest of the tour much easier — so do go through the short training session. Then, tour the upland forest. Once again, you may have to wait for the site to load — but you can run your curser over the letter “R” and have a bit of fun while you wait. Once the site is loaded you can enter. Click on any of the animals in the forest scene and the animal becomes animated taking you to another screen where you can learn all about it — habitat, behavior, etc. Once you’ve learned about all of the animals — take the quiz and earn a certificate of completion! Have fun!


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