Science — Fall Leaves

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Recommended Websites:

The peak season for beautiful fall foliage is just a week or two away. ClickSchooling has collected three websites that explain how leaves change color and why.

The Miracle of Fall

This first website is comprehensive and will provide not only information in a little more depth for the arborists in the family, but also provides maps of every fall foliage area in the U.S. – so that you can visit the glorious show that nature provides where you live. Check out the fun fall activities for ideas to enhance the learning at home.

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

This second website is geared for elementary aged children and provides clear and easy-to-understand answers about why leaves change color.

Live Fall Foliage Cams

This third website offers listings of websites where you can see fall leaves all over the U.S. through live cameras trained on various forests and parks. You can take a virtual fall foliage tour. Some of the links at this site are not active, but most are – and will provide you with wonderful images over the next few weeks. Enjoy!


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