Johnny Appleseed Treasure Hunt!

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Recommended Website:
Johnny Appleseed Hunt

It’s fall, and it’s apple harvesting time. At this website you can go on an Internet Treasure Hunt developed by an elementary school teacher to learn about the life of Johnny Appleseed who is credited with planting many of this country’s apple trees. When you get to the site you will see a list of “Questions” about Johnny Appleseed.

Your mission is to go to the various educational web links that are listed below the questions to search for the answers. All of the links carry information about Johnny’s life and times so your treasure hunt will increase your knowledge of the biographical history of Mr. Appleseed. This is also a great way to introduce kids to researching information on the Internet in a safe and simple way.

For a more in-depth Internet research project for students about the many varieties of apples, along with recommendations for books about apples and Johnny Appleseed, and even a link to a story about the star hidden in every apple go to this webquest.



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