Curious & Useful Math

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Curious & Useful Math

Oh, what fun you can have at this site! Here, you will find all kinds of quick tricks for solving certain types of arithmetic problems. For example, the Chisenbop finger method for multiplying by 9’s is revealed. You will also discover how to tell if you can divide a number evenly by 2, 3, 4….on up and by 15, 24, 33, and 36 too — just by looking at it! There are all kinds of multiplication/squaring tips — and even tips for finding square roots by hand. In addition to handy, dandy tips and tricks that make math easy without a calculator — you will find little math magic tricks to amaze your friends that you can do with birthdates, calendar dates, people’s ages, biblical numbers, etc. Finally, there are some neat math trivia facts at this site that will make you scratch your head in wonderment and say, “I didn’t know that!” Have fun!


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