A Moment of Science

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Recommended Website:
A Moment of Science

This website is actually a companion to a 2-minute radio program of the same name produced by Indiana University. The program offers a snippet of scientific information that answers questions like: Why does your funny bone feel weird when you hit it? What do bicycles, footballs, and space shuttles have in common? Why do some birds hop, and others walk?

If you click on the “Library” button on the menu you are transported to a new page where you can choose to listen to or read the script of the archived radio programs. There are tons of tempting titles to choose from including: Laser Guns, Mosquitoes in Winter, Fighting Off Bug Diseases, Quality Time with Rats, Old Fashioned Ice Cream Makers, Potato Bombs, The Anatomy of a Flame, Why Cashews Aren’t Sold in the Shell, When a Boy’s Voice Changes, True Love and Garlic, Eagle Eyes, Maggot Therapy, and much more.

When you’re through perusing the archives, visit the Shockwave Lab with three activities to test your scientific mettle: Magic Square, Planetary Perplexity, and Jugband Physics.

You will also find a listing of radio stations that play “A Moment of Science” and information on how to convince your local stations to carry it.


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