Virtual Tour of Van Gogh’s Works

June 30th, 2001 by ClickSchooling Leave a reply »

Recommended Website:
Masterpieces from Van Gogh Museum

At this site, visitor’s are treated to a fabulous tour of some of the best works of Vincent Van Gogh. Using Van Gogh’s Masterpieces, Real Audio, and interesting text, the visitor is introduced to Van Gogh’s early works, his various “periods” in Paris, Arles, and Saint-Remy, and his self-portraits.

When you get to the site 2 screens will appear. The one on the left displays the text that you can follow to take the tour; the one on the right shows a floor plan of the museum that you can click on to visit whatever room (each features different Van Gogh artwork) that you want. Sticking with the tour will give you a better context as each section progresses from the early works to the various periods in Van Gogh’s creations. Either way, you will be treated to some fabulous art, along with insightful commentary on the works — and the artist!


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