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Rubiks Games

Note: Since this site was originally reviewed, the original downloadable game has been replaced by a number of fun, challenging games that can be played online for free, along with hints, videos, and more. Enjoy!

Most of you know that pesky little 3-D cube know as the Rubik’s Cube. You can sit for hours twisting and turning the cube, trying to match up the colors to solve the puzzle. Well, the inventor has developed a CD Rom program for the computer based on the 3-D cube. At this website you can download a sample game in which you must use logic and reasoning skills to solve the puzzle. If you like it, you may be tempted to purchase the CD ROM. That program offers many levels from beginner to master. And you can even create your own puzzles and upload them to the Rubik’s website for other people to try and solve. Just as frustrating and addictive as the 3D cube, this is for people who enjoy math/logic/reasoning based puzzles and games. (Note: Downloading the sample game may take up to an hour or so, depending on your connection speed — but the payoff is worth it!)


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