Electives — Fine Arts!

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Continuing with our top picks from 2000…here, in our opinion is the most wonderful site on the web for an introduction to fine art that is designed for kids – but will also be enjoyed by the young-at-heart.

Recommended Website:
A. Pintura: Art Detective

Pasted below, is the explanation taken directly from the website – but let me tell you, it doesn’t do it justice. The game is fun and interesting and it draws you in to play – even if you know the answer or discover it early on in the game. Just go to the site – you won’t be disappointed.

Explanation from the website:

What is It? A. Pintura: Art Detective is an online game about art history and art composition. In the game, you play a 1940’s noir detective with a degree in art history. A distraught woman asks you to identify the artist who made a painting she found in her grandfather’s attic. To do so, you must examine paintings by famous artists from Gauguin to Van Gogh. Each example highlights an art concept such as composition, style or subject. The story concludes with an appropriate noirish twist, as the woman’s true identity and motives become apparent.

Art Concepts/Vocabulary:

subject portrait style
Renaissance abstract composition
color perspective brushstroke

Artists featured:

Raphael Titian Millet
Van Gogh Gauguin Picasso

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