History of Christmas Traditions

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Continuing with our Holiday Curriculum…

Recommended Website:
How Christmas Works — The Complete Guide to Christmas Traditions

Click Schooling is indebted to list member, June Dodge, who forwarded this as a potential site to be featured at Click Schooling. (We encourage all of you to do the same!)

This site provides historical explanations of the many Christmas traditions we incorporate into our lives at this time of year. From a discussion of “Was December 25th the actual birthdate of Jesus?” to providing an answer to the question, “Why is there an evergreen tree in my living room?” — this site offers some interesting food for thought about things we take for granted like holly, Christmas stockings, sitting on Santa’s lap, and even the spelling of Christmas as XMAS.

The whole family will enjoy hearing the history behind the traditions — it would even make for an interesting trivia game to play with the relatives on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!


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