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History Books, Crafts, & Games for K-12

December 5th, 2013

Hi! It’s Thursday, December 5, 2013 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website
A Book In Time

Age Range: 5-18 (grades K-12, with parental supervision)

Veteran homeschool mom, Carol Henderson, owns this website that she designed to help other home educators find interesting and fun “real” books about history and social studies along with timelines, maps, craft activites, and interactive history websites with games and more that enhance the study of World History and American History.

When you get to the site, use the menu to find:

*History Reading Lists – A chronological listing of the best fiction and nonfiction books for kids and teens about important people and events in the Ancient World, Middle Ages, Age of Discovery, World Wars I & II, and The Present Era. Book titles are linked to site affiliates for ease of purchase. You can also look for the titles at your library.

*Crafts & Projects – Get craft activities that extend learning about any era in American and World history. You’ll find instructions for making Corn Husk Dolls, an Egyptian Pharaoh’s Death Mask, Origami Dinosaurs, A Knight’s Helmet, recipes for authentic foods of different historical eras, and much more! Some require purchase of materials to do the craft, which are linked to this site’s affiliates.

*Online Games – Get links to a terrific selection of online games (many hosted by museums) that boost learning about history and geography. Enjoy games about Mesopotamia, Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, Israel, China, Japan, Incan & Aztec Empires, Middle Ages, Vikings, The Black Plague, Renaissance, Shakespeare, Victorian Era, and much, much more! The activities I visited were free or free with registration.

*Maps & Timelines – This section recommends some innovative ways for students to use maps and timelines as they study history. There’s a selection of books, kits, maps and timelines for sale, and also free instructions on how to make your own materials along with links to websites that provide free resources such as printable maps.

Most of the information at this site includes suggested grade levels from Kindergarten through High School. The site is well-maintained: I only found a few links that led to error messages which is unusual for a site with so much content. is a fabulous resource for finding books and activities to supplement learning about history. You’ll want to return often.

Museum Quality History Lessons & Activties!

June 6th, 2013

Hi!  It’s Thursday, June 6, 2013 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Show Me

Age Range: 8-14 (approximately, but there’s something for everyone here)

This website offers an incredible array of games, stories, activities, and virtual tours about historical topics gleaned from museums and galleries throughout the United Kingdom that are engaging and fun.

When you get to the site just click on the icon menu to dive right in and explore topics such as:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Anglo-Saxons
  • Vikings
  • Romans
  • Tudors
  • Victorians
  • Science & Technology
  • And much more!

Click on any topic and a new page opens with a menu of offerings related to that topic that include interactive, multi-media games and activities that teach history as they entertain.  These items are linked to the websites of museums and galleries in the UK where exhibits related to the topic are on display. You simply won’t believe the variety of information and make-and-do ideas to extend the learning.  Plus there are links to related sites if you want to explore the topic further.

This site provides enough material to satisfy any world history curriculum in a way that’s much more engaging than textbooks.


National History Bee – Free Resources!

September 10th, 2012

Hi!  It’s Thursday, August 30, 2012 and time for History at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

National History Bee

Age Range: 6-18 (Includes elementary, middle, and high school levels – with parental supervision.)

Have you heard of the National History Bee? It’s a nationwide competition that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of history. The competition takes place during the 2012-2013 school year. The website provides detailed information and registration. Plus, you can access free history resources that include links to educational websites and history quizzes that cover the following topics:

*American History – Civil War, U.S. State History, American Presidency, etc.

*European History – Vikings, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, Martin Luther, The Tudors, French Revolution, Russian History, and the Conquistadors

*Ancient History – Romans, Greeks, Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt

There is a section for downloadable “Study Guides” – but currently a “Coming Soon” message is displayed on that section of the site.

Note: There is a separate History Bee for high school students that you can access here:

I received an announcement about this competition with the message from the Director of the National History Bee: “We believe strongly that this is an extra-curricular activity in which home school children can find enjoyment, enrichment, and success. We want to make an extra effort for the 2012-2013 competition to see that home school families are represented well and that they enjoy participating.”

Registration for the competition is $125. Homeschool organizations can register and all of their members can participate. Individual students can also enter the competition, but they pay the same registration fee of $125. You do not have to register for the competition to access the free history resources and quizzes.

If you have questions, you can contact the Director of National History Bee, Nick Clusserath, at or 864-475-1776.

Incredible History Game for Kids!

February 9th, 2012

Hi!  It’s Thursday, February 9, 2012 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
BBC: History for Kids

Age Range: 8-14 (fun for everyone, with parental supervision)

ClickScholar Cie reminded me that the BBC offers one of the most engaging history websites on the Net. They have archived all kinds of free, multi-media, interactive games that teach about famous historical events and people in world history while they entertain.

When you get to the site you’ll see a menu that includes:

*Ancient History – Play games that teach about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Iron Age, Vikings, and more. Can you resist the “Mummy Maker Game” in which you prepare a body for burial?

*World History – Learn the importance of world cultures including Africa, China, India, Mesopotamia, and South America. Find out how the Aztecs created a double-headed serpent, meet the first emperor of China, and explore the Indus Valley.

*British History – Play games to learn about The Battle of Hastings, the Tudors, the Victorian era, and run a city at the height of The Industrial Revolution.

You’ll also find games that teach about the history of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. And click on “Hands on History” to build your own castle or create your own cave art!

Bookmark this site to return often!


Interactive Vikings!

March 10th, 2011

Hi!  It’s Thursday, March 10, 2011 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
Viking Quest

Age Range: 9 and up (also a section for ages 7-9; both with parental guidance)

The BBC has done it again — an amazing multi-media interactive animation and game that teaches students all about Viking history as it entertains.

When you get to the site, the program will launch and you’ll learn to build a ship, chart a course, select a crew, and loot a monastery! Careful! You may be rebuked by your chieftain for making poor choices and banished to a cod fish boat! Be sure to turn up the sound for the full Viking experience. :)

If this whets your kids’ appetites for more information, then head to the
home page” that offers articles on every aspect of Viking history including their reputation, weapons, warfare, religion, runes, food and more. The articles are enhanced with photographs of artifacts, illustrations, and maps.

There is also a milder section for kids ages 7-9. When you get to the site you’ll see a cartoon picture of a Viking with a selection of topics to explore that includes: Viking Invasion, Viking Life, Viking Beliefs, Travel/Trade/& Exploration, and more. Each section offers interesting text, photos, and illustrations.

Want more Vikings?

NOVA Online – The Vikings

In the Spring of 2000, PBS aired a NOVA program all about Vikings. This website was designed as a companion for further exploration of the subject of Vikings. Through video cam, photographs, artist’s renderings, and text you can explore a model of a real Viking Village that was discovered by archaeologists in Sweden.

There is a wonderful Q&A at this site with a Smithsonian Institution anthropologist who exposes the legends about Vikings and explains what their piracy and raiding was all about.

Vikings used written symbols called “runes” to communicate. There is a fun activity that allows you to see your own name as it would appear written in runes.  



Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling

Multi-Media Language Arts Activities (CSAW)

February 23rd, 2011

Hi!  It’s Wednesday, November 23rd, 2010 and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Age Range: 6-12 (approximately, with info that may interest older students and adults)

This fantastic multimedia children’s site from The University of Manchester, offers a variety of well-crafted activities and games to learn grammar and parts of speech, along with an animated timeline of the history of the English language. Plus you can explore other languages used around the world to encourage understanding of language in general.

When you get to the site you will see an introduction and a menu to the left that includes:

*World Language Map – Click on an animated map to learn about different languages spoken all over the world. As you zero in on a given country, you’ll watch a video of a native speaker saying conversational phrases that are accompanied by English subtitles. Plus, you’ll learn more about the languages and dialects spoken in that country.
*Timeline of the English Language – Discover the evolution of the English language and the influence of the Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, as well as the printing press, English bible, Greek and Latin root words, Shakespeare, and more.

*Naming Nouns – Explore this interactive lesson that explains what nouns are including common and proper nouns, concrete and abstract nouns, collective nouns and more. Play the “Noun Game” and take quizzes to test your knowledge.

*Adjective Detective – Learn all about adjectives and how to use them including comparative and superlative adjectives. Play the “Adjective Game” and take quizzes to test your knowledge.

*Match the Eponyms – Do you know what an eponym is? Here’s a clue: Do you know the origin of the word “sandwich”?  This is a word trivia feast – and lots of fun!
*Borrowing Words – Many English words were “borrowed” from other languages. Play a game and try to match the English word to the language of origin. You’ll learn about the origin of words like score, zombie, bandana, skunk and many more.

*Idioms Game – Idioms are sayings such as “The early bird catches the worm.” Match the idioms to their meanings in this informative game.

The games are very engaging. Your kids will learn far more than the standard grammar drills we see in most language arts games. They’ll learn historical and cultural information that will enhance their understanding of the English language.

I focused on Language Arts for this review, but you can find great games and interactives on the Home Page that include the following topics:

  • The Body and Medicines
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Earth and Beyond
  • Teeth and Eating
  • Micro-organisms
  • The Brain and Senses
  • Talking Textiles

This remarkable site earns a ClickSchooling Award (CSAW) for excellence in combining technology with education, and providing it for free on the Net.



Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling