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Colonial History Games, Videos, Podcasts, & More!

December 6th, 2012

Hi! It’s Thursday, December 6, 2012 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Colonial Willamsburg

Age Range: All (with parental supervision)

Did you ever wonder what life was really like in colonial days? Wonder no longer! At this Colonial Williamsburg Foundation website, students of all ages can enjoy games, interactives, and podcasts designed to help them learn about colonial history.

When you get to this massive site, you’ll see some highlighted features that change with the seasons. Currently, you’ll see fascinating podcasts about the history of fruitcakes, sugar cakes, and other holiday traditions. Use the horizontal menu at the top of the screen to explore:

*History – Read educational bios, essays, and articles on the everyday lives of extraordinary colonial Americans. Learn about the people, places, life, revolution, trades, clothing, and more.

*Multi-Media – Enjoy slideshows, videos, podcasts, audios, games and more on every aspect of colonial life.

*Kids – Play fun games themed around colonial America.

This site is a great way to introduce the history of colonial America and enhance any study of it.

Native American Science Lessons & Activities

November 6th, 2012

Hi! It’s Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and time for Science at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Websites: See Below

Age Range: Varies

It’s November and in the U.S. learning activities are often themed around the contributions of Native Americans to American history. Here are some science lessons and activities inspired by the same:

ThinkQuest: Native Americans in Science

At this website you’ll find a simple and very brief overview of the ways Native Americans have contributed to Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics that is suitable for all ages/grades. Be sure to click on the image of the “Back Button” to find find similar lists of Native American contributions to Medicine, Invention, Art, the Military, and more.

After reading the above overview, try this activity:

Lesson: Can-Do Canoe

This free classroom lesson and activity (for ages 8-17 or grades 3-12) can be tweaked for homeschoolers. As explained at the website, “Explore the engineering design process by building model canoes from everyday materials and testing their design. The canoes must be able to float for three minutes and, for older students, support a load.” Students then evaluate the effectiveness of their canoes and discuss their findings.

And for those who are looking for content for more advanced learners…

Native American Science

This website, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and several universities, provides a free university-level curriculum (that high school students and accelerated learners may also enjoy) that shows how Indigenous traditions are based on a solid understanding and description of natural phenomena. Topics include: Native and Western Views of Nature, Indigenous Research Methods, Environmental Justice, Indigenous Perspective, and more.

As explained at the website, “Our goal is to avoid romantic cliches and characterizations of Indian people and their traditional knowledge and to present this knowledge as well documented but different in approach from ‘Western science.’ These traditions are based on connection to the natural world, rather than separation from nature–in other words we are working with a science based on relationships, reciprocity and respect rather than solely on exploitation and economic concerns.”

Latin/Greek Root Word Holiday Puzzles!

December 7th, 2011

Hi!  It’s Wednesday, December 7, 2011 and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website: Holiday Tradition Puzzles

Age Range: 6 and up (grades 1-12 approximately, with adult supervision)

This website offers a variety of language arts activities for elementary, middle, and high school students to improve vocabulary, writing, and conversation including holiday-themed Latin/Greek root-word puzzles, trivia, crosswords, and scavenger hunts.

When you get to the site, you’ll see the first vocabulary puzzle for “Christmas/Holiday Traditions” that you must solve using the Latin/Greek root words and vocabulary words. Full instructions are included. Then, scroll down the page to find similar puzzles for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan.

Don’t miss these other holiday vocabulary activities:

*Christmas Crossword Puzzle

*Christmas Trivia Lists There are 9 fun trivia lists that you can print out and play offline. (Great for long holiday road trips too!) Topics include naming:

  • 14 objects that the Grinch stole at Christmas
  • Holiday Songs with the word “Christmas” in the title
  • Songs that were #1 on the Billboard Charts on Christmas Day
  • Santa’s 8 reindeer from the poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas”
  • 12 gifts of Christmas (from the Christmas carol)

*Christmas Traditions: 24 Scavenger Hunt Ideas – On this page you’ll find a Christmas/Holiday word list from A to Z.  Scroll down the page to find a list of 24 objects you might look for on a Scavenger Hunt using the vocabulary from the word list.

Virtual Field Trip to Denmark

August 21st, 2009

Recommended Website:
Denmark: Meet the Kids

ClickScholar Chris suggested this website that provides an animated virtual tour of Denmark that is designed for kids.

When you get to the site you’ll see a map, simply click on the buildings and characters to learn about different facets of Danish life, society, history, culture, etc., through short animated cartoons. Learn about Denmark’s:

  • History & Vikings
  • Geography
  • Government
  • Economy & Welfare Society
  • Christmas and Traditions
  • Food
  • Famous Danes such as Hans Christian Anderson, the Royal Family, etc.
  • And much more!


World History Sources for High School

July 23rd, 2009

Recommended Website:
World History Sources

Age Range: 14-18 (Grades 9-12)

ClickScholar Chris E directed me to this website, sponsored by The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, to “help world history teachers and students locate, analyze, and learn from online primary sources and to further their understanding of the complex nature of world history, especially the issues of cultural contact and globalization.”

To that end, they assembled an archive of reviews and links to websites containing primary sources for teaching world history at the high school level that reflect three approaches as quoted from the website:

  1. An emphasis on comparative issues rather than civilizations in isolation
  2. A focus on contacts among different societies and the economic, social, and cultural consequences of those contacts
  3. An attentiveness to “global” forces that transcend individual societies or even societies in mutual contact-forces such as technology diffusion, migration, disease transmission, extension and realignments of trade routes, or missionary outreach

When you get to the website you’ll see a menu that includes:

  • Finding World History – Read scholarly reviews of and get links to primary source documents for Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, the Pacific Basin and more. Plus you’ll find links to primary sources for specific eras in world history such as:
    • Classical Traditions, Religions & Empires, 1000 BCE-300 CE
    • Emergence of the First Global Age, 1450-1770
    • An Age of Revolutions, 1750-1914
  • Unpacking Evidence – Leading world history scholars provide guidance to using primary sources including music, images, maps, newspapers, and personal accounts.
  • Analyzing Documents – Examine multi-media case studies that show how to interpret primary sources and put them into historical context.
  • Teaching Sources – Review examples of how high school students and teachers use primary sources for learning history.

The idea is to advance our understanding of how historical learning takes place, and to utilize resources that provide meaningful context to world-wide historical people, places, and events.

Bookmark this site to return whenever you need good reference material to supplement your understanding of world history.


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Virtual Field Trip to Scotland

January 23rd, 2009

Recommended Website:
Electric Scotland

Age range: 5 to 17 (with guidance)

Take a picture-tour of scenic Scotland! At this site a native Scotsman shares his love of his homeland through photos and captions. Don’t let a first glimpse of this website deceive you — there is lots and lots of fun and fascinating content here.

When you get to the site you’ll see a photograph of Pitlochry, Scotland. Below it is a menu of links to photo archives of various scenic tours and historic landmarks throughout the country. Click on any one and the pictorial adventure begins. But that’s not all!

Use the menu that (in very tiny print) at the top left side of the webpage to explore this site that ClickScholar MaryAnna recommended. Her description says it all…

“Sometimes a website is so full of information that you just can’t believe it. And then you find out that it has even more than you thought. This website has almost 300 complete BOOKS online! Learn all about Scotland: its history, culture, traditions, beliefs, famous Scots, family lines and biographies, fairy tales, legends, folk wisdom, influence in other countries, travel-logues, economy, church history, sports, geography, literature, and on and on. It’s all in a very accessible format, in readable chunks, with rapid download. A Scotland aficionado could easily spend a few years here. Anyone planning scholarly research on Scotland would definitely want to bookmark this site.

But there’s more! This website is loaded with CHILDREN’S stories, poetry, recipes, heraldry, photos of Scotland, and even videos! And if that’s not impressive enough, how about some addictive Scottish-themed (and other) arcade games (most of them require free registration), children’s stories in real audio, and even a children’s educational page for those pesky homework assignments? Enjoy Scottish music and downloadable/printable games!

You’ll also find a FactFiles flashcard screensaver for your desktop that is full of information about Scotland. You can interact with the online Scottish community [parental supervision required] or plan a trip to Scotland.

Do I hear someone crying, “Enough! Enough!”? And yet there’s still a whole lot more. And the site is still growing…


How’s that for a recommendation? As MaryAnna effused, there is a lot of content here. Because of that, we were unable to review the entire site that also contains links to other resources we haven’t reviewed as well. So, AS ALWAYS, PARENTS MUST PREVIEW THE SITE TO DETERMINE SUITABILITY OF CONTENT.



Are You The Parent of a Preschooler? You’ll Love Universal Preschool’s Learning Calendar! It’s chock-full of fun, easy activities & time-saving resources for learning with little ones all year long! Get your copy today…

DID YOU MISPLACE A ClickSchooling Review? Do you need to find an educational website – fast! Visit the ClickSchooling archives.