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Fun Online Math Tutorials & Interactives

October 20th, 2014


It’s Monday, October 20, 2014, and time for Math at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Kids Online Resources: Math


Age Range: 6-13 (Grades 1-8, with parental supervision)


Kids Online Resources, maintained by the Webb Family of Arcata, California, is a massive archive of web-based learning activities for a wide variety of subjects. On this featured page of the site called “Me & My Math,” you’ll find free animated and interactive math tutorials for the following math strands:
  • Numbers & Place Values
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • The Number Line
  • Fractions
  • The Laws of Arithmetic

Click on any one and a new page opens where the tutorial begins. I suggest you click on the “Help” button in each section to learn how to use the program effectively. There are hypertext/buttons throughout the lessons and in some cases they lead to small movies. The “Help” button alerts you to what to look for so you don’t miss a thing.

While the math here is basic, it seems to be designed for a teacher and student or parent and child to use together. There’s a good amount of text explanation mixed with the interactives, so non-readers will need help.
When you’re through exploring this math page, head to the Kids Online Resources main site – where you’ll find enough math activities and lessons to cover your curriculum for years to come. Plus, you’ll find web-based lessons and activities for:
  • Art/Music
  • Geography
  • History
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • And much, much more!

Don’t miss their Kid Science Link web page – with lessons and activities on Astronomy, Botany, Herpetology and more.

John Muir Trail Virtual Tour

October 17th, 2014


It’s Friday, October 17, 2014, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


John Muir Trail Virtual Tour


Age Range: All (All grades, with parental supervision)


At this website, explore the 1.7 mile John Muir Nature Trail in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx of New York City. When arriving at the link above, you may wish to familiarize yourself with navigating through the tour by clicking on the instructions links. Navigating is as simple as moving your mouse in the direction you want to go. Click on the “Point of Interest” and “Target Area” selections indicated along the path for interesting information about what you will find on the trail. As you travel along the trail, information is available in the adjoining text box. There is an interactive map of the trail under the presentation where you may select locations to be taken to directly such as:
  • Trail Entrance
  • Freshwater Wetland
  • Fordham Gneiss
  • Van Cordlandt Golf Course
  • Henry Hudson Parkway
  • Staircase
  • Old Croton Aqueduct

Visitors can also learn about the plant and wildlife along the way including:

  • Black Birch
  • Sassafras
  • Wild Cucumber
  • Oak Trees
  • Spring Peepers
  • Sweet Buckeye

When you are finished with your tour, select the “Menu” option and you will find historical information about John Muir, Van Cortlandt Park and the wildlife found in the park.

Tie on your virtual hiking boots and enjoy your walk in the park.

Children’s Literature Quizzes

October 15th, 2014


It’s Wednesday, October 15, 2014, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


FunTrivia: Quizzes – Books for Kids


Age Range: 5-Adult (Grades 1-Adult, children with parental supervision)


At this website you will find many online, interactive quizzes based upon children’s literature.
When you get to the site you will see a menu that you can use to find quizzes according to book series, book author, young adult books, and a general literature category that includes quizzes on fairy tales. Don’t let the sparse menu on the landing page fool you – there are tons of quizzes on just about every children’s book imaginable.

Click on a category and a new page opens with a large menu of quizzes indicating the difficulty level of each quiz that ranges from easy to difficult. Choose the topic that interests you – and another page opens where you can select what format you want to take the quiz in – html or flash. Make your selection, and a new page opens where the quiz begins.

It’s fun to test your knowledge and memory of various story lines and characters that you have met in books! That said; parents have different criteria for what is suitable in terms of children’s literature. Therefore, as always, parents should preview this site before exploring it with your children.

Note: There are innumerable quizzes on many subjects at this site. We have only reviewed the Children’s Literature section for ClickSchooling. Again, parents should preview this site before exploring it with children.

Virtually Tour an Egyptian Tomb

October 10th, 2014


It’s Friday, October 10, 2014, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: Tomb Tour


Age Range: All (All grades, with parental supervision)


The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California maintains the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the west. They also have built a replica of a noble person’s rock-cut tomb that the public can tour at the museum – or virtually at their website.
When you get to the site you’ll see four extensive galleries of images:
  • Burial Practices, Afterlife and Mummies
  • Gods and Religion
  • Kings and Pharaohs
  • Daily Life, Trade, & Neighbors
You may select either “Image” or “Video” to view the items. When selecting “Image”, you will be taken to an interactive image to select the objects you wish to view. Hover your mouse over the image and informational text is provided. If you select “Video”, you can select an image in the first slide then a brief video presentation, complete with audio explanation, opens.

When you have completed your tour, go back to the landing page, and you can select “Explore” on the right sidebar menu to see an interactive timeline, more information about Egypt, and a whole series of recommended websites devoted to Egyptology.

Travel through History with Maps

October 9th, 2014


It’s Thursday, October 9, 2014, and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Mapping History


Age Range: 10-18 (Grades 5-12, with parental supervision)


Examine history with the use of the interactive maps at this website. Supported by grants from the Oregon University System, the University of Oregon, and other fellowships and foundations, the maps employ timelines and descriptive text to help visitors make the geographic connection between historical events and time.
When arriving at the site, select from the following sections on the left hand menu:
  • American History
  • European History
  • Latin American History
  • African History

Each section is further broken down into time periods or events in history, and even further broken down to include an introduction and summary of the topic as well as the interactive maps available.

The interactive maps can be navigated through by using the timeline under each map to choose the appropriate time frame or by selecting the arrow buttons to move forward or backward through the time periods. Each time period within the map also includes informative text about the map and time period. You may also hover over various portions of the maps for additional captioning.

This straight-forward and easily navigated website provides an interesting and useful way to travel through history.

Fun Games for Learning Music

September 27th, 2014


It’s Saturday, September 27, 2014, and time for Music at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Music Teacher’s Games


Age Range: 8-18 (Grades 3-12, with parental supervision)


This ad supported website will have your young virtuosos practicing their studies of music with smiles on their faces.
Through the use of simple to play games, students will sharpen their musical skills.

When arriving at the website, use the top navigation bar to select the area of study you wish to practice:

  • Music Symbols
  • Guitar
  • Lines and Spaces
  • Piano Keys
  • Rhythm
  • Ear Training

The interactive games include:

  • Orphanage One – learn the basics values of notes
  • Note Values and Time Signatures
  • Guitar One and Guitar Two – using an interactive guitar fretboard, learn to locate notes
  • Note Challenge – learn the notes of the bass and treble clef
  • Treble Clef Lines & Spaces and Bass Clef Lines & Spaces
  • Advanced Treble Clef Lines & Spaces and Advanced Bass Lines & Spaces
  • Treble Clef Piano Keys and Bass Clef Piano Keys – uses an interactive piano keyboard to learn and practice the note name
  • Rhythms Game One – learn the basics of counting music
  • Intervals One and Intervals 2 – learn basic interval ear training
  • Tests – take interactive tests on Note Values, Musical Terms, Dynamic Marks, and Basic Rudiments

All games include instructions and, although not necessary to play the games, you may register for free to keep track of your scores.

If you are looking for a fun, uncomplicated way for your children to reinforce their music studies, you will want to visit this website.