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Create Your Own Maps

April 28th, 2016


It’s Thursday, April 28, 2016, and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:



Age Range: 8-18 (Grades 3-12, with parental supervision)


Create your own maps with this website from Mr. Nussbaum.

When arriving at the site, a welcome pop-up will appear encouraging you to sign up for a free account so that your maps can be saved. When you sign up as a teacher, you will be able to add student accounts so that you can see all the maps your students have created in one place.

Once your accounts have been created, the fun can begin. In the upper right, select the “Need help?” link to learn about the features of the map creator. To create your map, make a selection from: 

  • World maps – Includes world, North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East, the Caribbean, Central America, and Atlantic Ocean.
  • State maps – Select the whole US, the 13 Colonies, eight USA Regions, the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Great Lakes, New England, Southern States, Western States, or any of the 50 states.
  • Country maps – Choose from Canada, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, China, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Egypt, India, Nigeria, New Zealand, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia.
  • Flags – Includes selections from various countries and states.

Once you have created your map and added features such as your key, notes, and more, the map can be saved, printed, and even shared. Once your students have learned to navigate the program and with a little practice, this tool will have your young cartographers creating all kinds of maps for geography and history projects.

Discover Ancient Egypt

March 19th, 2015


It’s Thursday, March 19, 2015, and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Discover Ancient Egypt


Age Range: All (children with parental supervision)


Take an interactive adventure and explore an ancient Egyptian tomb and much more with this website presented by the National Museum of Scotland.
Choose from 6 interactive presentations: 
  • The Three Pyramids
  • Egyptian Tomb Adventure
  • Land of the Egyptians
  • Dress like an Egyptian
  • Egyptian hieroglyphics
  • Temple stores game
After making your selection, follow the easy-to-follow instructions to move through the presentation. Through the various interactive maps, images, games, informative text, and more, students will learn about:
  • The country of Egypt
  • How ancient Egyptians prepared bodies for the afterlife
  • Egyptian tombs
  • Egyptian clothing
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Supplies needed by craftsmen of the day
This website makes a fun addition to your ancient Egypt studies.

Virtually Tour an Egyptian Tomb

October 10th, 2014


It’s Friday, October 10, 2014, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: Tomb Tour


Age Range: All (All grades, with parental supervision)


The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California maintains the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the west. They also have built a replica of a noble person’s rock-cut tomb that the public can tour at the museum – or virtually at their website.
When you get to the site you’ll see four extensive galleries of images:
  • Burial Practices, Afterlife and Mummies
  • Gods and Religion
  • Kings and Pharaohs
  • Daily Life, Trade, & Neighbors
You may select either “Image” or “Video” to view the items. When selecting “Image”, you will be taken to an interactive image to select the objects you wish to view. Hover your mouse over the image and informational text is provided. If you select “Video”, you can select an image in the first slide then a brief video presentation, complete with audio explanation, opens.

When you have completed your tour, go back to the landing page, and you can select “Explore” on the right sidebar menu to see an interactive timeline, more information about Egypt, and a whole series of recommended websites devoted to Egyptology.

History Books, Crafts, & Games for K-12

December 5th, 2013

Hi! It’s Thursday, December 5, 2013 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website
A Book In Time

Age Range: 5-18 (grades K-12, with parental supervision)

Veteran homeschool mom, Carol Henderson, owns this website that she designed to help other home educators find interesting and fun “real” books about history and social studies along with timelines, maps, craft activites, and interactive history websites with games and more that enhance the study of World History and American History.

When you get to the site, use the menu to find:

*History Reading Lists – A chronological listing of the best fiction and nonfiction books for kids and teens about important people and events in the Ancient World, Middle Ages, Age of Discovery, World Wars I & II, and The Present Era. Book titles are linked to site affiliates for ease of purchase. You can also look for the titles at your library.

*Crafts & Projects – Get craft activities that extend learning about any era in American and World history. You’ll find instructions for making Corn Husk Dolls, an Egyptian Pharaoh’s Death Mask, Origami Dinosaurs, A Knight’s Helmet, recipes for authentic foods of different historical eras, and much more! Some require purchase of materials to do the craft, which are linked to this site’s affiliates.

*Online Games – Get links to a terrific selection of online games (many hosted by museums) that boost learning about history and geography. Enjoy games about Mesopotamia, Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, Israel, China, Japan, Incan & Aztec Empires, Middle Ages, Vikings, The Black Plague, Renaissance, Shakespeare, Victorian Era, and much, much more! The activities I visited were free or free with registration.

*Maps & Timelines – This section recommends some innovative ways for students to use maps and timelines as they study history. There’s a selection of books, kits, maps and timelines for sale, and also free instructions on how to make your own materials along with links to websites that provide free resources such as printable maps.

Most of the information at this site includes suggested grade levels from Kindergarten through High School. The site is well-maintained: I only found a few links that led to error messages which is unusual for a site with so much content. is a fabulous resource for finding books and activities to supplement learning about history. You’ll want to return often.

Help Scholars Rewrite Ancient History!

June 13th, 2013

Hi!  It’s Thursday, June 13, 2013 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Ancient LIves

Age Range: 12 and up (approximately, with parental supervision)

ClickScholar Dorothy suggested this website, a collaboration between a diverse collection of Oxford Papyrologists and researchers, the Egypt Exploration Society, and the Citizen Science Alliance, that allows you to actually contribute your time and energy to help scholars decipher fragments of ancient Greek manuscripts.

The papyrus fragments that are thousands of years old, were excavated from what was once the city of Oxyrhynchus, Egypt in 1897. Scholars have worked to restore and translate the documents which have already provided some astounding historic revelations. But the process is so slow-going that researchers are seeking volunteers to help them transcribe the documents.

You don’t need to know the Greek language to volunteer. You simply need time, patience, and an ability to match characters in the snippets of papyrus with symbols at the website.

When you get to the site, you’ll see photos of the excavation site. Click on “About” on the horizontal menu at the top of the page to learn more about the project, the research, and the story behind the excavation.

Then CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL to learn how to match up characters and do this work. If you want to give it a try, you will have to register to participate. Your work will be automatically saved and reviewed by scholars who will then translate the texts.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help unlock the secrets of ancient history.


Bios of Scientists & Much More!

January 29th, 2013

Hi!  It’s Tuesday, January 29, 2013 and time for Science at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Eric Weisstein’s World of Scientific

Age Range: 11 and up (approximately, with parental supervision)

This website offers an incredible encyclopedic-style archive of information on science and math, including the biographies of scientists. When you get to the site, use the menu in the left margin of the page to search for scientists based upon:

*Branch of Science – Search for a scientist by his/her field of study from Archaeology to Sociology.

*Gender/Minority Status – Women, African Americans, Asian Americans, etc.

*Historical Periods – Meet scientists from the Bronze Age, Greek Dark Ages, and Pre-Classical Greece.

*Nationality – Find scientists from many nations including the U.S., China, Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, and Russia.

*Prize Winners – Read the Bios of Scientists and Mathematicians who have been awarded prizes (i.e., The Nobel) for their work.

*Alphabetical Index – An A to Z list of all of the scientists and mathematicians whose biographies are archived on the website. Click on any one, and a new page opens with the scientist’s picture and bio. References are provided as well.

In addition to the scientists’ bios, you can use the menu tabs at the top of the page to find encyclopedic information on specific branches of science and math including:

  • Astronomy – Learn about atmospheres, galactic astronomy, the solar system, stars and more.
  • Chemistry – Find out about chemical reactions, experimental chemistry, oganic chemistry, quantum chemistry and more.
  • Mathematics – Explore algebra, applied mathematics, calculus, geometry, number theory, probability, statistics, etc.
  • Physics – Discover astrophysics, electromagnetism, experimental physics, fluid mechanics, states of matter, thermodynamics and more.

There is so much content here, you’ll want to bookmark this site to return often.