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Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island

October 21st, 2016


It’s Friday, October 21, 2016, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at


Recommended Website:

Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island


Age Range: 5-13 (Grades K-8, with parental supervision)


This virtual field trip from Scholastic takes visitors on a video field trip to Ellis Island. From 1892 to 1924, twelve million immigrants passed through Ellis Island in their first steps to becoming citizens of the United States. Explore this story with the over 30-minute video that provides a walk-through tour of Ellis Island and interviews with knowledgeable Ellis Island park rangers.

Students will learn about: 

  • What was it like for immigrants to come to America and the screening process?
  • The history of Immigration Station
  • What was on the island before it became the doorway to America?
  • Who was the first immigrant through Ellis Island?
  • What happened to immigrants after leaving Ellis Island?

And more.

When you have finished watching the video, use the menu at the top to select “Explore Ellis Island” to: 

  • Read interesting stories
  • Hear first-hand accounts from people who came through Ellis Island
  • See historical photos
  • Watch film footage of immigrants arriving

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Use the upper navigation to “Meet Young Immigrants” who recently immigrated to the United States and explore “Immigration Data”.

Select the “Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today” header to go to the main page of this unit. Scroll down the page to locate the “Teaching Resources” section to find: 

  • Teacher’s Guide – explains the objectives of the unit, provides grade-level lesson plans, and other suggested resources
  • Book lists – suggested reading about immigration for students grades 3-5 and 6-12
  • Ellis Island Facts and Worksheets – worksheets and interesting facts to supplement your studies
  • The New York Times Interactive Map of Immigrant Settlement Patterns – an interactive map on the NY Times website that allows students to see where immigrants from specific countries settled in America

This unit not only provides an interesting virtual tour but loads of great information and activities to add your history studies on immigration.

Learn How Braum’s Makes Milk and Ice Cream

October 14th, 2016


It’s Friday, October 14, 2016, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Braum’s Farms and Store


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


See how Braum’s in Oklahoma makes its milk, ice cream, and more with the 15-minute video tour on their website.

In this video, learn: 

  • How corn and alfalfa are grown and harvested
  • How they produce and mix the feed for the cows
  • How cows are raised on their farms
  • Milk processing
  • How the manure is processed into a natural fertilizer and compost for their fields
  • How they make ice cream and ice cream treats
  • How they make their ice cream cones and other baked goods
  • About their stores and services

When you are finished watching the video, use the top upper menu to learn more about Braum’s on the “About Us” page and check out the “FAQ” page to learn more. Be sure to not to leave the website before checking out the yummy “Recipe” page.

Explore the Cave of Lascaux

October 7th, 2016


It’s Friday, October 7, 2016, and time for a Virtual Field Trip
 at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Lascaux: A Visit to the Cave


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


In 1940, the Lascaux prehistoric cave paintings were discovered accidentally by some French teenagers who were searching for their dog. The Paleolithic paintings are believed to date back over 15,000 years. At this website, you can take a stunning virtual tour of the cave and see the drawings.

When you get to the site, just click on the words, “A visit to the cave” to begin the journey. You will automatically explore: 

  • The Hall of Bulls – contains friezes of horses, cattle, and deer
  • The Axial Gallery – this is the entrance to what some refer to as “The Sistine Chapel of Prehistory”
  • The Passageway – see animal drawings and symbols that include hooks, crosses, and squares
  • The Nave – drawings of horses, bison, ibexes, stags, and aurochs
  • The Chamber of Felines – see 6 drawings of felines here, as well as horses, bison, and deer
  • The Apse – over 500 animal drawings and 600 geometric signs or lines
  • The Shaft & The Great Fissure – see drawings of a horse, bison, bird, and rhinoceros

As you virtually enter each section of the cave, you’ll see some text and the words “See more.” Click on the words, and a new page opens that displays the title of that section of the cave, and a line of text. Next to it is the word “Display.” Click on it to see all of the informative text that describes exactly what you are seeing in that section of the cave. Then, below that you’ll see a mini-menu that allows you to view some of the drawings (panels) more clearly. Or click “Back to the cave” to continue the tour.

Tour Jimmy Carter’s Boyhood Farm

September 30th, 2016


It’s Friday, September 30, 2016, and time for a Virtual Field Trip

at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


Our 39th President of the United States, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter Jr., was born on October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia. At this website, take a virtual tour of his boyhood home as President Carter shares stories of his life on the farm.

When arriving at the link the tour will immediately begin. Be sure to have your sound turned on to hear the President’s narration. The video image moves itself, but visitors can use the Left and Right buttons to move the image or simply click on it to stop it and drag to where you would like to look. You can also zoom in closer for a better look. Use the “Next” and “Previous” buttons to move through the slides. The tour can also be viewed in “Full” screen mode.

The tour begins in the back of the house, then moves onto the front. Other locations of the farm include: 

  • Tennis Courts
  • Commissary (store)
  • Garden
  • Blacksmith shop
  • Pathway to farm bell
  • Barn
  • Clark House
  • Milking shed

What makes this simple tour special is the narrations from President Jimmy Carter. This will make a great addition to your presidential studies.

Discover the Animals of Africa

September 23rd, 2016


It’s Friday, September 23, 2016, and time for a Virtual Field Trip
at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Mpala Live!


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


Visit the wilds of Africa through the webcams at this website sponsored by MPALA, The Anneberg Foundation, and Explore.

In the upper menu select “LIVE CAM” to start your safari. Cameras broadcast live from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm East Africa Time. Select from: 

  • African River Wildlife Camera
  • African Animal Lookout Camera
  • African Safari Camera
  • African Watering Hole Wildlife Camera

Below the webcams, discover the animals that you might see at the hippo pool. Click a silhouette to be taken to the field guide to learn about the animal as well as hear its sound. Choose “STORIES FROM THE BRUSH” to learn about the scientists in the field. Select the “FIELD GUIDE” link to discover Mpala’s animals. In the “CLASSROOM” find lessons plans and units for both Kenyan students and U.S. students to use to learn about the natural world around us. Units include multiple lessons laid out for easy use along with printable worksheets to accompany your studies.

This website is an excellent addition for your geography class studies of Africa or your animal science class.

Browse the Flagler Museum

September 16th, 2016


It’s Friday, September 16, 2016, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


Enjoy a virtual tour of the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida with this website. The 75-room, Gilded Age mansion was built as a wedding present to Henry Flagler’s wife and was their winter retreat until his death in 1913.

Use the right side bar menu to navigate to the different floors and rooms: 

  • Whitehall Facade
  • Grand Hall, South Hall
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Courtyard
  • Billiard Room
  • Grand Ballroom
  • Hotel Addition
  • Breakfast Room, Dining Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Flagler-Kenan History Room
  • Colonial Chamber
  • Bedrooms
  • Silver Maple Room
  • Lace Exhibit
  • Yellow Roses Room
  • Servants Room
  • Morning Room
  • Flagler Kenan Pavilion

Images, texts, and audios provide an overview of each room. When done visiting the rooms, hover over the “Exhibits” link in the top menu, then select either “100 Masterworks” or “Past Exhibits” to keep your museum tour going.

In the 2nd, lower upper menu, choose “Teacher Resources” to find Newspapers In Education tabloids and other guides to use to supplement your tour.

Add this website to your list of stops when studying not only the Gilded Age, but also the history of Florida.