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Learn Spanish Free Online

September 12th, 2015


It’s Saturday, September 12, 2015, and time for Foreign Languages at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Spanicity (

Age Range: 11-18 (Grades 6-12, with parental supervision)


With the aid of this ad-supported website, students can work on their mastery of the Spanish language. The lessons focus on vocabulary and grammar as well as pronunciation.

When arriving at today’s link, you will find available lessons broken down into four categories: 

  • Learn the Basics of Spanish – includes the alphabet, popular words, numbers, and Spanish verbs
  • Learn Spanish Phrases – Learn useful phrases pertaining to courtesy, greetings and meeting people, the weather, visiting a hotel, hospital, post office, or restaurant, and much more.
  • Learn Spanish Grammar – Lessons in this category are also broken down by beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.
  • Learn Spanish Vocabulary – Discover all kinds of vocabulary words regarding food, home, travel, transportation, entertainment, business, family, animals, and much more.

Lessons provide the Spanish word with English translation and are usually accompanied by an audio file.


This website is simple to navigate and provides a no-frills way to supplement your Spanish studies.

Summer-Themed Writing Prompts & More!

June 24th, 2015


It’s Wednesday, June 24, 2015, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Creativity Portal: Summer Writing Prompts



Age Range: 10 and up (Grades 4 and up, children with parental supervision)


This website provides summer-themed writing prompts and story starters to encourage creative writing in students. You can use them for every purpose including journals, blogs, school assignments, and just plain old fun!
When you get to the site you’ll find the “Summer Writing Prompts” in the center of the page. Scroll down the page to see all 15.

After you’ve explored the prompts, you’ll want to poke around this site to discover more inspiring activities for writers including how-to articles and random writing prompt generators that you can access from the menus at the top and sides of the page.

You will also want to take a look at the “Tools & Features for Teachers” with all kinds of creative tools, projects, and tutorials for classroom use that can be easily tweaked for the homeschool environment.

IMPORTANT: There is so much content here we were only able to review a small portion. Therefore, AS ALWAYS, parents should preview the site to determine if the content is appropriate for your own children, and also supervise any internet use.

Tornado Science!

June 23rd, 2015


It’s Tuesday, June 23, 2015, and time for Science at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Weather Wiz Kids



Age Range: 8 and up (Grades 3 and up, children with parental supervision)


At this website designed for kids, a meteorologist describes the science behind tornadoes including what weather conditions are required for them to form. It includes terrific information, pictures, links to free lesson plans, experiments, and more.
When you get to the site, just scroll down the page to read the text and see pictures and illustrations that explain what tornadoes are, how they form, and information on weather conditions associated with tornadoes such as: 
  • Funnel Clouds
  • Supercell Thunderstorms
  • Mesocyclones
  • Microbursts
  • Waterspouts
  • Hail
  • Gustnadoes
  • Landspouts
  • Dust Devils
You’ll also learn about the Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity and some Tornado Safety Tips. There are also links to FREE LESSON PLANS and Tornado Experiments that will enhance your children’s understanding of this dangerous weather phenomenon.

Learn Portuguese

June 20th, 2015


It’s Saturday, June 20, 2015, and time for Foreign Languages at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Easy Portuguese


Age Range: 14-18 (Grades 9-12, with parental supervision)


This Google ad-supported website helps visitors learn basic Brazilian Portuguese. The simplicity of the website design makes navigating through the available learning material a breeze.
From the home page, select lessons with audios to learn: 
  • Useful phrases
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar and parts of speech lessons for the beginner and intermediate learner
Continue the learning by selecting the “Learn Portuguese Menu” in the upper tool bar. In addition to the topics above, select from: 
  • Alphabet
  • Brazilian/Portuguese Names
  • Popular Words in Portuguese
  • Portuguese Verbs
  • Portuguese Grammar Tips
Grammar lessons include simple explanations of topics, examples, and accompanying vocabulary with audios. Vocabulary lessons provide the word in Portuguese, its English translation, and an audio file of the word. Visitors will need to be sure to have their volume turned up to hear the audios.

Please note that when visiting a page to view the lesson, we were able to turn off the ad so that it was not distracting.

This website provides great basics in learning Portuguese.

Earth & Space Science Interactives!

June 9th, 2015


It’s Tuesday, June 9, 2015, and time for Science at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Windows To The Universe


Age Range: 9 and up (Grades 3 and up; children with parental supervision)


The National Earth Science Teachers Association sponsors this website that offers comprehensive, multi-media information to encourage learning Earth and Space science as well as a range of other related sciences for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.
When you get to the website you’ll see a sliding panel featuring several of the science presentations in the archives. You can click on any one to jump right in, or take some time to explore the menu and see what’s available including:
  • Sun – Explore the closest star to Earth including sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections.
  • Solar System – Discover planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, the heliosphere, and interstellar space.
  • Space – Study stars, galaxies, and other mysterious objects in our Universe.
  • Sciences – Learn how Earth and Space sciences are interconnected with geology, physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • Culture – Browse a collection of myths, folk tales, and stories about the Earth and sky. Check out artwork, poetry, books, and movies that portray the natural world.
  • People – Access biographies of scientists who made science history!
  • Games – Enjoy scientifically themed crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, word searches, and concentration. Play interactives about the carbon cycle, planets, space, and more! Enjoy coloring pages and paper activities.
  • Space Weather – Learn about radiation, fluctuating magnetic fields, solar wind and the complex ways they interact with Earth’s magnetic field, including disruption of cell phone communication.
  • Multimedia – Get links to all sorts of pictures, animations, videos, podcasts, and interactive multimedia that are on the “Windows to the Universe” website.
  • Postcards – Read collections of virtual postcards from scientists doing field research around the world with sharks, penguins, ice, rocks, the atmosphere, and the ocean.
  • Citizen Science – Find out about science projects where the public can get involved in scientific research and data collection.
You’ll also find news, research information, and tips for teachers. Note: This ad-supported site is free, however, you can purchase a membership to access the site ad-free, along with some other interactive features.

American Art Treasures to Go

May 2nd, 2015


It’s Saturday, May 2, 2015, and time for Art at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Smithsonian American Art Museum-Treasures to Go


Age Range: All (All grades, childrenwith parental supervision)


The Smithsonian American Art Museum launched this site in conjunction with its traveling exhibit of over 500 of the finest American art treasures. At this site you can see the images and read descriptions of the paintings and sculptures that made up the exhibit.
There are 8 themes including: 
  • Young America
  • Lure of the West
  • American Impressionism
  • The Gilded Age
  • Scenes of American Life
  • Modernism & Abstraction
  • Contemporary Folk Art
  • Arte Latino
This site presents a terrific opportunity to get familiar with American artwork and artists. Gather the family around the computer to take a virtual trip to see this incredible art exhibit.