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2016 Calendar of Children’s Books

September 28th, 2016


It’s Wednesday, September 28, 2016, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website: Calendar of Children’s Books


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


If you haven’t checked it out, ABOUT.COM is a wonderful resource for just about anything you can imagine. Today is Language Arts day and we want to spotlight the 2016 Calendar of Children’s Books. If you are looking for a theme or reading resource ideas or information for yourself, this is an excellent place to start.

When you get to the website, from the top of the page the calendar begins by giving you an overview of themes, holidays, events for the month with some suggested reading. Then as you scroll further down you’ll see specific dates (holidays, memorable days, events and days/dates with special meaning) with suggested reading. Each selection is linked and will lead you to a deeper explanation of the reading resource and more good ideas. Keep scrolling because each page is loaded with information.

If you scroll to today’s date, you’ll see that this week–9/26 through 10/1–is “BANNED BOOK WEEK”. describes this week:

Celebrating the Freedom to Read is an annual event that is designed to bring attention to the threat of book censorship and celebrate the freedom to read. The six-day event starts the last week in September. This year, Banned Books Week will be held Monday through Saturday, September 26 – October 1, 2016.

When and why was Banned Books Week established? About answers: 

In 1982, Banned Books Week (BBW) was started as a response to the jump in book challenges taking place in schools, libraries and bookstores (source: About Banned Books Week). For the many libraries that observe Banned Books Week, it’s a chance to educate the public about their freedom to read and the challenges to that freedom when someone wants a book completely removed from library shelves or limited access to it.

About says, “While Banned Books Week puts the spotlight on censorship and First Amendment rights, challenges, book banning and censoring happen year-round”. They provide many articles that will provide you with information on the subject. Check out for more information.

This is an interesting subject that you’ll want to discuss with your children. While many books may not be appropriate for you and your family to read, you’ll likely find that there may be books on the banned books list that you’ll want to read together as a family.

Fun Themes Help Kids Read for Pleasure

September 21st, 2016


It’s Wednesday, September 21, 2016, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:



Age Range: 8-13 (Grades 3-8. As always, parents should preview the site and reading recommendations to determine suitability of content.)


Two women book publishers (with a great sense of humor and love of children’s books) created this website with activities, videos, and reviews designed to introduce kids to quality books to encourage reading for sheer pleasure in a non-academic mode.

When you get to the site you’ll find a menu that offers: 

  • Reviews by You(th) – Read kid-submitted book reviews, with peer comments and ratings. Submit your own review!
  • Recommended Reads – Enjoy a series of blog posts with long lists of great books to read in a variety of topic/subject categories.
  • Videos & Podcasts – Enjoy listening to kid-friendly chats and watch clever video clips featuring book recommendations.
  • Themes – Get recommendations and reviews for books about boys, series starring girls, poetry, mythology, biographies, foreign lands, and more.

This site offers a clever way to engage kids in the joy of reading for fun and pleasure! Be sure to bookmark it so you can return to see the latest posts, podcasts, videos, and reviews.

Hundreds of Language Arts Worksheets

September 14th, 2016


It’s Wednesday, September 14, 2016, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website: – Language Arts


Age Range: 6-12 (Grades 1-6 approximately, with parental supervision)


TeAchnology Incorporated says that they “developed this website in response to the challenges associated with Twenty-First Century Learners: The Net-Generation. To meet these challenges, the company developed a method for individuals to access free on-line resources that support classroom instruction,” They go on to say that their “mission is to provide services designed to support educators’ in effectively incorporating technology in teaching and learning”. The website does have resources for purchase; however, you are not required to buy anything to utilize the free materials.

They offer worksheets for all subjects but today we are focused on Language Arts. When you get to the page scroll down to locate 100’s of Language Arts worksheets for skills like: 

  • Alphabet Worksheets – Student recognize, color, and write letters that are new to them.
  • Alphabetic Order – Put letters, single words, and two words in alphabetic order.
  • Analogies – Headaches are to analogies; as smiles are to water parks.
  • Author’s Purpose – Students determine the author’s intent for their work.
  • Capitalization – Students must capitalize letters in short and long passages.
  • Clauses – Break apart sentences to learn to write stronger sentences.
  • Cloze – Have students cloze the gaps in the reading passages.
  • Complete Language Units – Over 320 grade (1-8) specific language worksheets.
  • Compound Words – hen two words form one word the funny really begins.
  • Conjunctions – Use these to join words together and make sentences flow well.
  • Context Clues – Find the meaning of words by looking at words that are near it.
  • Contractions – Time to break out your (not you’re) apostrophes. Get it?
  • Dolch Sight Words – All the words plus remediation for each word on the list.
  • Editing and Proofreading – Pick apart work and find all the errors that you can.
  • Fact and Opinion – Determine if statements or thoughts are based on proof or just feelings.
  • Figurative Language – Hyperboles, idioms, metaphors, personification, and similes.
  • Grammar – A large assortment of grammar-related worksheets.
  • And Many More!

Bookmark this website and return often to get the most of these resources. 

Vocabulary Fun

September 7th, 2016


It’s Wednesday, September 7, 2016, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Age Range: 8-18 (Grades 3-12, with parental supervision)


Our friends at and sponsor this website that provides “One Thousand Free English Vocabulary Building Games” – interactive games to help build vocabulary skills.

When you get to the site you’ll see icons of the most popular vocabulary games including: 

  • Word Search
  • Match Games
  • HangMouse (like Hangman)
  • Letter Blocks
  • Crosswords

Click on any name under the graphic and a new page opens with instructions. Some games allow you to set a difficulty level as well.

Below the game menu on the home page you can find an explanation of how these games help develop vocabulary. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to find more free vocabulary learning games.

September and Back to School Writing Prompts and MORE!

August 31st, 2016


It’s Wednesday, August 31, 2016, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Unique Teaching Resources/

September and Back to School Writing Prompts


Age Range: 5-14 (Grades 1-9, with parental supervision)


September starts tomorrow and we are full of back-to-school ideas! Heidi McDonald created the Unique Teaching Resources website from material that she created herself and used with her own students. She wants to share them with you free of charge provided that you respect her copywrite policy. This means you can use them for your own family as many times and as long as you want but do not share them or sell them to others. Instead send them to her website. Good deal, right? She has a myriad of great resources on her website and we encourage you to explore them all!

Today we are focused on Language Arts and so we bring you to her “September Writing Prompts” page. Scroll down the page to find great ideas for many age groups like: 

  • Creative Writing Ideas and Journal Topics for September
  • September Writing Prompts
  • September Celebrations, Events, Holidays, and Dates in History Writing Prompts
  • Calendar Pages

Keep in mind that Heidi would like for you to purchase teacher sets. But there is no purchase required for you to use these provided you do not share what you download with others – a small price to pay for excellent resources! Bookmark this page and return often. 

Reading Lists for Homeschoolers!

August 24th, 2016


It’s Wednesday, August 24, 2016, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

iHomeschool Network/Reading Lists


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


Just in time for back to school! Here is a resource you’ll love. The iHomeschool Network has earned our praise for developing the reading list of all reading lists! They explain: 

Sometimes it’s difficult to sort through all of the massive amounts of information to discover what is truly useful to our homeschooling children or our own selves. With so many resources available both online and in everyday chatter among homeschooling families, internet searches, Pinterest and chat groups it can be hard to narrow down to what works versus what doesn’t. That’s why we wanted to bring you our favorite reading lists for homeschoolers.

They have gathered their top reading lists and sorted them by relevant categories and organized them alphabetically! When you visit the website, scroll down through the various categories to locate a myriad of reading lists. Choose from: 

  • Reading Lists for Homeschool How-to, Resources, and Advice
  • Homeschool Educational Methods
  • Reading List by Age Groups:
    • Early Childhood
    • Babies & Toddlers
    • Preschool – Kindergarten
    • Elementary School (1st Grade – 4th Grade)
    • Middle School (5th Grade – 8th Grade)
    • High School (9th Grade – Graduation)
  • Reading Lists by Subjects
  • Classics
  • Favorites/Topical
  • And Many More!

Bookmark this page and return often. You’ll find yourself falling in love with reading all over again while you share the love with your children!