Thanksgiving-Themed Math

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It’s Monday, November 16, 2015, and time for Math at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Various (see below)

Age Range: Varies (children with parental supervision)


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we thought it might be fun to have a Thanksgiving-themed activity today!


NRICH – enriching mathematics: Word Problem with ratio, proportion, and fractions

David Schwartz’s Math Moments: Relishing Math at the Thanksgiving Feast. Learn math while making cranberry relish.

Make Pumpkin Pi – several recipes to choose from to make “pumpkin pi”.


Mayflower Math – Voyage into history and math with this shipshape Thanksgiving theme unit, with a two-page Mayflower reproducible. Lots of interesting math questions based on the Mayflower and passengers.


Printable Multiplication Facts Flash Cards for Thanksgiving! They can be printed on card stock, if you like, and you can let your son or daughter decorate them.

Learn to Speak Chinese

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It’s Saturday, November 14, 2015, and time for Foreign Languages at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Chinese English Dictionary and Study Center

Age Range: 10-18 (Grades 5-12, with parental supervision)


Today’s website offers an interactive Chinese dictionary of words and phrases that is perfect for those who want to learn Chinese or improve upon their current skills.

One of our ClickScholars said: “I found a totally cool website for people who want to learn Chinese. Type in any word or phrase to search the database. If it’s in the online dictionary, you will see how it’s written, how it’s pronounced, and you can choose a native speaker (by name) and hear that person saying the word or phrase or long sentence. It’s very clear, and fun. A neat feature of the dictionary is that if you select a word, such as ‘Cat,’ and then select option 5 (longer passages), you will see *all* of the information and language samples available for that word, from single-word translation to short phrases to sentences to longer passages and beyond. There are also stories in English and Chinese (bilingual) and other nice features. For example, a fully interactive family tree. You can toggle between names, ages & genders, and occupations, or familial relationships between all family members and ‘me’ – select your place in the family tree and see how all the familial relationships change with respect to you. You can also create a personal account on the site and create your own flashcard preferences etc., so that you can personalize your web browsing experience to maximize language learning across many repeat visits.”

When you get to the site you will see a menu on the left side of your screen. Click to open the items that include: 

  • Read Me – Complete instructions for using this site, including how to use the Chinese characters (letters)
  • Games – Reinforce Chinese language skills while playing concentration, doing math, and exploring maps.
  • Chinese Experience – See pictures and learn about Beijing, the Great Wall, Xian, and Shanghai. Explore Chinese art such as bronzes, calligraphy, painting, and Ming Dynasty artifacts.

This is a great way to introduce the Chinese language to your children, and/or practice your Chinese language skills.

(There are aspects of this site that will appeal to Chinese language learners of all ages. Non-readers will need assistance, and as always, parents should preview the site to determine suitability of content.)

Explore The Wall – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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It’s Friday, November 13, 2015, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Age Range: 10-18 (Grades 5-12, with parental supervision)


Located in Washington. D.C., The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, more commonly known simply as The Wall, opened on November 13, 1982 and is visited by an estimated 4.5 million visitors annually. This website from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF), not only shares information about The Wall and its history, but also serves to preserve the stories and memories of those whose names are inscribed on the Wall.

Using the navigation bar near the top of the page, select “The Wall” then choose from the following: 

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Learn about the memorial site, the history and design of the wall as well as how names are added to the wall.
  • Virtual Wall of Faces – The VVMF is working to finding a photo for each of the 58,000 names on The Wall. From this link you can see those that have been collected so far. Visitors can use the search engine to look for a specific person, or learn about those fallen or MIA soldiers by selecting their image. You may also read and leave a “Remembrance” about the soldier. Many of those remembrances left are quite touching, so be sure to look them over before allowing your tenderhearted children to read them.
  • Items Left at The Wall: The Virtual Collection – Over 400,000 items have been left at The Wall as tokens of respect and affection, and as tributes to the soldiers. Items are collected by the National Park Service, cataloged and preserved as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial collection. At this link explore a sampling of the items that have been left.

When you are finished exploring The Wall, select the “Learn about the Vietnam Era” link for resources such as teaching guides and lessons, an interactive timeline, and information about the Hometown Heroes project.

Select “Education Center” to learn about the proposed Education Center at The Wall. When you select the “Explore the Center” option, locate the “7. Partners in Service” image and click on it. From there you can visit the “Australian Wall of Faces” to learn about those from Australia that gave their lives supporting the U.S. efforts in Vietnam.

This virtual tour helps our students put the faces to the names on The Wall and encourages them to remember the sacrifices our veterans and their families made for us.

Discovering Antarctica

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It’s Thursday, November 12, 2015, and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Discovering Antarctica


Age Range: 7-15 (Grades 2-10, with parental supervision)


Take an interesting trip into discovering Antarctica with this website from the Royal Geographical Society with IBG in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Using the left hand sidebar menu, navigate to the different topics to explore which include: 

  • Imagining Antarctica
  • What, where, why?
  • A changing climate
  • Beneath the waves
  • Journey South
  • Living there today
  • Destination Antarctica
  • Under pressure
  • The Antarctic treaty
  • What future?
  • Pole to pole
  • Collect data
  • Understanding Antarctica
  • Glaciers
  • A-level section

Each section is divided into the following learning activities: 

  • Cool Fact – provides an interesting fact and a video clip to watch supporting the fact
  • Icebreaker – interactive activities that explain the topic
  • Go with the floe – additional learning activities that build on the topic, some of which include more interactives, audios, and videos
  • Meltdown – follow up educational opportunities reinforcing what has been learned

Located in the right hand sidebar, there are downloadable resources, links to access all of the interactives, audio and videos, a glossary, as well links to other websites relating to the lessons.

In the “Help” section, use the “teachers area” to locate teacher notes for the lessons as well as a complete rundown of the website.

This is an excellent resource for your geography studies about the continent of Antarctica.

Lewis & Clark Language Arts Activities

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It’s Wednesday, November 11, 2015, and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Lewis & Clark Virtual Journey



Age Range: 11-18 (Grades 6-12, with parental supervision)


This site, provides an interactive journey that allows students to virtually participate in the Corps of Discovery’s trek across America. Read first-hand accounts of the discoveries made by Lewis and Clark. You’ll also find a timeline and games to reinforce learning.

Also, at you’ll find an engaging descriptive writing activity for students in grades 7-12 that is inspired by the Lewis & Clark expedition. This site also offers terrific links to other websites with multi-media resources and activities themed around Lewis & Clark and their Corps of Discovery.

Fun, Interactive Science Games

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It’s Tuesday, November 10, 2015, and time for Science at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Engaging Science

Age Range: 5-12 (Grades K-7, with parental supervision)


This website is sponsored by a teacher enrichment program in British Columbia, Canada that is supported by several science museums. It offers free, innovative online games that introduce classroom students to Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.

Turn on your speakers when you go to the site to hear the robot narrator explain how to access and play the games. You have the opportunity to select games from three science museums: 

  • Vancouver Aquarium – Play “Wild Wetlands” to find out why conservation of wetlands is so important, and play “What A Mouthful” to learn how a fish’s body shape relates to how it feeds.
  • HR MacMillan Space Center – Learn about the phases of the Moon in “It’s Just a Phase,” and discover geological processes in “This is your Life.”
  • Science World – Explore the electrical conductivity of everyday objects in “Current Affairs,” and experiment with sound in “Make a Note.”

This multi-media site makes learning science fun!

Thanksgiving Math Activities

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It’s Monday, November 9, 2015, and time for Math at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Math Goodies/Thanksgiving

Age Range: 4-14 (Grades PreK-8, with parental supervision)


Math Goodies, a free math help site launched in 1998, was a pioneer of interactive math instruction and free online homework help. Today this award-winning site has over 500 pages of activities for students, educators and parents.

These interactive lessons, puzzles and worksheets are self-paced learning modules ideal for students of all ages and abilities. We thought you’d enjoy some tasty new ideas for serving up Math during the Thanksgiving season: 

  • Turkey Hunt Math
  • Fall and Thanksgiving Math Packs and Games
  • Kid Zone Math Activity Worksheets
  • Spiked Math Comic – Career Connections
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Games
  • Thanksgiving K-3 Theme Page
  • Thanksgiving Math Ideas from Pinterest
  • Thanksgiving Math Lesson Plans
  • Thanksgiving Math Worksheets
  • Turkey Math & Science Activities
  • What the Teacher Wants Math Activity

Fire Hydrant Art

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It’s Saturday, November 7, 2015, and time for Art at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants


Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


Art comes in many forms, and at this website the art is in the form of fire hydrants. This unique collection of 101 fiberglass hydrants (representing the 101 Chicago fire houses), was a 2013 fund raising project for the 100 Club of Chicago and families of fallen firefighters.

On the home page of this website, read about the project and watch a brief video presentation to learn more. Then, use the “Gallery” link at the top of the page to view the collection. When hovering over the image, the artwork name and information about the sponsor and the artist is revealed. Click the “see more” to see more images of the hydrant. Click on those images to see larger views. (Please note that a few of the hydrants have a business advertisement or an alcohol theme, so as always, parents please preview this website to determine its fit for your family.)

When you are done browsing the gallery, select the “Artists” link to discover that the artists range in age from 12 to 87 years old and come from all skill levels.

While this fundraiser may be over, the art will live on as a tribute to the firefighters and serve as an inspiration to others to see the artistic avenues that are around them.

Visit the Home of Louisa May Alcott

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It’s Friday, November 6, 2015, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House

Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision)


Louisa May Alcott is best known for writing her classic book, Little Women. At this site you can take a virtual tour of the Alcott family home called “Orchard House,” located in Concord, Massachusetts, where the book was written. If you have read the book, you’ll recognize many of the rooms and furnishings as Alcott used it as the setting for her book. The home has been preserved much as it was described by Alcott in Little Women.

When you get to the site, you will see an introduction. To take the virtual tour, scroll to the top or bottom of the page and click on the words, “Tour the Rooms of Orchard House.” A new page opens with links to the: 

  • Study
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Parlor
  • Louisa’s Chamber
  • May (Louisa’s sister) Chamber
  • Parents’ Chamber

When you are through taking the virtual tour, use the menu at the bottom of the page to go to the home page where you can access more information about Orchard House, Louisa May Alcott and her family, and even read a selection of quotes written by Alcott family members.

This is a great way to supplement a Language Arts curriculum that includes reading the novel, Little Women.

Stories of our Veterans

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It’s Thursday, November 5, 2015, and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:

Veterans History Project (

Age Range: 10-18 (Grades 5-12, with parental supervision)


In 1918, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Allied nations and Germany formally agreed to temporarily stop fighting, marking the beginning of the end of World War I. In 1919, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11th Armistice Day, a day of remembrance to honor those who lost their lives in the war. In 1954, Congress amended the Act of 1938 that had made Armistice Day a legal holiday, changing “Armistice Day” to “Veterans Day” to honor all veterans.

At this website from the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, discover the stories of America’s wartime veterans through audio and video recorded interviews and much more.

There are many ways to navigate this website. When you arrive at today’s link, you can learn about the project and how to participate, but the meat of the site is found by selecting the “Search the Veterans Collections” link. From here you can narrow your search to: 

  • By Conflict or Era – WWI, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Afghan War, Iraqi War, other
  • By Branch of Service – Air Force, Army, Army Air Forces/Corps, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, Navy, Civilian, other
  • Gender
  • Prisoner of War?
  • Type of Material – audio, video, manuscript, photo
  • Type of Manuscript – correspondence, creative works, dairies, memoirs, transcripts
  • And much more

Once you have refined your search options and selected the “Go” button at the top, a list of matching results will populate. Select the name of the veteran to learn about this person. If there is a “View Digital Collection” button beside the entry, click on this to be taken to the page with the digital content such as an audio or video interview or photographs. Not every entry includes digital content, but those that do provide fascinating first-hand accounts of life in the military and the wartime stories that accompanied their service.

Visitors can also browse collections from the home page by clicking on the “Experiencing War” image to find a special collection featuring vets from World War II. From here, you will also find additional search options to explore more stories. Back on the home page again, use the sidebar menu to select “Man on the Mall Interviews” for brief interviews recorded at the National Mall at the National World War II Reunion in 2004.

Today’s website helps your students learn about the men and women who served our country and to gain a better understanding of why they need to be honored on Veterans Day and always.