Fun Family Science Experiments

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It’s Tuesday, April 8, 2014, and time for Science at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website: Home Experiments


Age Range: 6-106 (Grade 1 through adult, children with parental supervision)


This terrific website developed by a chemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, encourages science literacy by providing free, family-friendly science experiments that you can do at home. When you get to the site you’ll see a menu of experiments that include:

*Exploring Acids & Bases – Use an indicator made from red cabbage juice to determine whether household products are acids or bases.

*Chemiluminesence – Examine the chemiluminescent reaction that makes a Lightstick glow in the dark.

*Will A Bowling Ball Sink or Float? – The answer may surprise you.

*Make a Rainbow in a Glass – with common liquids you can find around your house.

*Build an Electric Motor – Just use wire, a couple of magnets, and a battery.

*Things That Glow in the Dark – Discover what makes certain materials “glow” under a black light?

*Needle Through A Balloon – Find out how to insert a needle into a balloon without popping it.

*Collapsing Can Trick – Crush a can using only air pressure.

*Egg in a Bottle – Even though the egg is bigger than the opening of the bottle, learn how to get it inside the bottle without touching it.

There are lots more! When you’re through experimenting check out the Home Page with links to an interactive Periodic Table of Elements and information on the Chemical of the Week and so much more!

An important note: You’ll also find science products for purchase, but you don’t have to buy a thing to access the free science experiments.


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