St. Patrick’s Day History and More

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It’s Thursday, March 13, 2014, and time for Social Sciences

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Age Range: All (with parental supervision)


History Channel: St. Patrick’s Day


The fabulous History Channel website offers the biography of St. Patrick, the history of the holiday, lots of interactive information about Ireland and its people, and even some quizzes to take to test your knowledge of the Emerald Isle. St Patrick’s Day


You say you want worksheets and lesson plans themed around St. Patrick’s Day? This site has all kinds of language arts worksheets including acrostic poems, adjective worksheets (how many ways can you describe a head of cabbage), crossword puzzles, cryptogram, reading comprehension worksheet, vocabulary quiz, word scrambles, group creative writing lesson, a St. Patrick’s Day maze, St. Patrick’s Day songs and much more!


Erin Go Bragh! (Ireland Forever!)


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