Puzzled Logic for Young Thinkers!

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It’s Monday, March 17, 2014, and time for Math at ClickSchooling!


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AIMS Sandbox Puzzle Corner


Age Range: Varies (non-readers will need assistance)


AIMS Education Foundation (Activities Integrating Math and Science) offers hundreds of free math puzzles and printable activity pages designed to give students a fun way to develop divergent thinking, practice math skills, learn persistence, and be creative. This blog is updated with new puzzles and activities almost daily.
Designed for classroom use, these puzzles can be used at home as well – and are intended for use OFFLINE. The puzzles “have not been assigned a grade level because the ability to do a puzzle varies more by individual than by grade.” When you get to the site you’ll see a menu of puzzle categories. Here are the descriptions from the website: 

*Arrangement Puzzles – Move manipulatives or rearrange items according to specific rules.

*Dissection Puzzles – Assemble geometric shapes to form larger figures, or break them into smaller figures.

*Divergent Thinking Puzzles – Think in ways that defy typical assumptions.

*Logic Puzzles – Make sense of paradoxes, move items safely across divides, or complete challenges according to specific rules.

*Miscellaneous Puzzles – Paradoxes, games, magic cards, and more.

*Number Puzzles – Arrange numbers according to specific rules, look for patterns, or manipulate them to get different solutions.

*Toothpick Puzzles – Move, rearrange, and/or remove toothpicks to reach desired outcomes.

*Topological Puzzles – Explore geometric properties not affected by changes in size and shape.

*Visual Puzzles – Explain why optical illusions and visual paradoxes work.

*Get the Solutions – Get answers to the puzzles by clicking on the “solution link” directly below the puzzle.

Click on a category and a new page opens listing the newest puzzle posted. You’ll see some history about the activity and directions/instructions. Click at the bottom of the description to print out any game board or other materials you might need. At the very bottom of the puzzle you’ll find a link to the solution. 


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